The Original Aftermarket Specialist

Before L.A. Turbine (LAT) entered the turboexpander OEM market we had earned a reputation for quality, service and value as the go-to specialists for aftermarket services for all makes and models of turboexpander. We have retained and enhanced that expertise and continue to provide comprehensive services for all turboexpander brands, not just our own.

Field Service

Our FX-TURBO team stands ready to problem solve 24/7/365. If we can't solve your problem via a phone consultation, a technician will travel to your site, domestic or international, within 24 hours of your request.

Our goal is to return your equipment to working order as FAST AS POSSIBLE. We repair equipment at your plant site or in one of our global service centers. We understand time is money.

Turboexpander field service

Repair & Redesign

Whether it’s a plant down emergency, a gas flow change, broken or failing components, or ongoing performance issue, turn to L.A. Turbine for reliable, responsive and innovative turboexpander repair and redesign solutions.

Regardless of the OEM and whether it’s a new unit, legacy machine or refurbished make or model, LAT provides the same complete solution.

Turboexpander repair


Regardless of the OEM make or model, LAT is experienced in the service, repair, redesign and retrofit of mechanical parts, assemblies and electrical systems for turboexpanders.

Turboexpander parts


Mechanical center section (MCS), component and control panel upgrades for all turboexpanders. Minimize capital expenses, extend life and enhance performance.

Turboexpander upgrades


Need Help Fast?

Our FX-TURBO Team provides emergency help via phone plus onsite field service 24/7/365. Call +1 855 398 8726 now!

Immediate Assistance

Immediate help with turboexpander emergencies, equipment issues or processing challenges 24/7/365. For emergency requests field service technicians can be mobilized within 24 hours.

Turboexpander field service

All Brands. All Models.

L.A. Turbine can help with a turboexpander repair or redesign, no matter the brand or the original equipment manufacturer. Since 2003, LAT has worked on all manufacturers’ makes and models of turboexpanders.

Turboexpander repair

Parts Inventory

As a plant manager are you often asking questions about your spare parts inventory? L.A. Turbine maintains a database connecting each piece of equipment to a customer. No matter who the OEM is or when the relationship started, we have the answer. Consider LAT your service partner for life.

Turboexpander parts

Hands on Assessment

Conducted at your plant or LAT’s service center, the diagnostic evaluation includes the disassembly of the turboexpander followed by a comprehensive review of every component and auxiliary part of the unit. The final report includes written and photographic documentation along with the recommended corrective actions.

Turboexpander upgrades


PLC Upgrades

Enhance turboexpander reliability and the ability to monitor, assess and obtain operating information with a PLC upgrade, no matter the OEM model.


Aftermarket Key to Growth

Hands-on experience repairing & servicing all turboexpander brands inspires innovation.

Lunch & Learn

Sessions typically last one hour, include a Q&A session and are geared towards engineering and procurement personnel, rotating equipment specifiers, plant operators and maintenance staff. Sessions can be held at our premises or yours.

Magnetic Bearings 101

Turboexpanders with active magnetic bearings (AMB) are gaining traction in natural gas applications. Following an overview of both bearing designs and applications, course attendees will learn more about AMB operation, applications, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Repair and Rerate

Preserve your original equipment investment and make the necessary modifications to meet new gas conditions, performance output, and revenue goals, while ensuring safe and reliable operation.

L.A. Turbine Acquisition

Chart secures access to turboexpander engineering design and process expertise for key hydrogen and helium liquefaction.

Replacement Shafts

We custom design and manufactures oil bearing and active magnetic bearing (AMB) shafts for LAT and 3rd party turbomachinery. Shafts of any type and configuration can be produced with existing drawings or reverse engineered from an existing shaft.

Logistics Help

Do you have a damaged turboexpander machine or part that requires repair off site? Let LAT move your equipment to our service center. Call our +1 855 FX-TURBO (+1 855 398 8725) hotline and we’ll handle the rest.

We Fix All Makes & Models

Trust the experts with your turboexpander repair. LAT repairs and services all makes and models, regardless of the OEM.

L.A. Turbine Fact Sheet

Download/Print/Keep this handy quick reference guide to our products, specifications, locations, service and key contact details.

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One Stop Service

Premium aftermarket service delivered by specialized turboexpander experts in our fully equipped engineering, diagnostic, manufacturing, assembly and testing facility. We control the entire process, from concept through commissioning.

Nexus of Clean

LAT turboexpanders play an important role in hydrogen & helium liquefaction solutions for Chart’s Nexus of Clean energy transition.


Aftermarket Key to Growth

Read how LAT became a trusted aftermarket services & OEM turboexpander provider to owner/operators & EPCs.

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Resource Center

Access and download L.A. Turbine literature, specifications, case studies and more.

Aftermarket Service Capabilities

LAT provides the industry's highest level of aftermarket support for all turboexpanders, regardless of OEM.

Control System Upgrades

A control system upgrade improves your ability to monitor and assess operating information, ultimately enhancing turboexpander reliability.

LAT Company Fact Sheet 2023

Quick download and keep summary of L.A. Turbine products, services and global presence.

Aftermarket Knowledge Drives Innovation

Learn how >20 years providing global turboexpander repair and service for OEM & non-OEM equipment is driving L.A. Turbine's aftermarket innovation and new product development. First published in CompressorTech2 (Jan/Feb 2023).

AMB Retrofits for Turboexpanders

Learn how turboexpander magnetic bearing retrofits can boost production, extend equipment life and reduce vibration in a case study co-authored by L.A. Turbine and Samsung Engineering.

Expander-Generator-Gearbox Redesign

Eight (8) non-LAT built turboexpanders were underperforming in the field. Learn how we solved the problem.

L.A. Turbine News April 2022

Learn about the ARES AMB, pick up the essential top tips for turboexpander wellness and more in this issue of our popular newsletter.

L.A. Turbine News July 2021

Access our newsletter and subscribe to receive updates direct to your mailbox. Technical features, applications, product designs, case studies, commissioning activity, plus news about upcoming events and tradeshow announcements.

LAT Commissions First ARES AMB Unit

The ARES Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) turboexpander-compressor is designed for a plant flow rate of 200 MMscfd.

Turboexpander Case Study - Repair of Non LAT Unit

Evaluation, repair and redesign of a turboexpander generator at a geothermal power plant.

Turboexpander Case Study - Repair of Non LAT Unit

For > 10 years a non LAT turboexpander-generator operated with an MTBF < 6 months and performed at half its specified capacity.

Turboexpander Modification & Redesign

LAT undertook the redesign of the center section of an existing unit, located on an offshore platform, to increase gas processing capacity while also reducing overall footprint.

Turboexpander Repair & Maintenance

Turboexpander Repair and Maintenance for Sustained Performance and Profitability. Learn how maintenance and proper repair intervention contribute to sustained and increased performance and profitability.

Turboexpanders Key to Clean Energy

LAT plays important role in hydrogen & helium solutions for Chart’s Nexus of Clean energy transition.

Aftermarket Service Capabilities

LAT provides the industry's highest level of aftermarket support for all turboexpanders, regardless of OEM.

FX-TURBO Wellness

Wellness Checklist for LAT turboexpander aftermarket services.

Turboexpander Applications

LAT designs and builds turboexpanders for hydrocarbon processing, industrial gas liquefaction and power recovery and generation. Designs include expander-compressors with active magnetic bearings (AMB) or oil bearings, expander-dynos (oil brake), expander-generators, high-speed direct-drive expander generators and specialized machines. Find the correct machine for your application.

Connect With L.A. Turbine

L.A. Turbine has service center operations in California and Belgium and rotating equipment service partners located on five continents. If you or a LAT field service technician can’t solve the problem at the plant site, L.A. Turbine will assist with the pickup and delivery of the equipment to a LAT facility. Call today!

24/7/365 Helpline  +1 855 FX-TURBO