An invaluable insight that can save you significant time and cost

Solysmart fan monitoring can play an essential part in your production processes, keeping fans running, reliably within minimized interaction. It provides a clear and simple touchscreen interface and is linked to our specialist team of engineers available to provide a range of services to keep your fans at peak performance.

Benefits of Solysmart

  • Maximised uptime and reduced the costs of unscheduled service through operational insight of fans performance and condition
  • Energy savings by ensuring fans are performing at peak efficiency level
  • Assurance of safe operation through continuous equipment monitoring


A comprehensive and intuitive system, capable of continually monitoring your fans in real time, and providing a preselected level of alerts and warnings about all of the critical aspects of your fans condition and behaviour.


Data from the sensors is assessed, in conjunction with the information contained in maintenance reports. This enables us to produce an accurate assessment of the condition of the compressor and provides a detailed and reliable basis on which to make decisions about the timing and scope of inspections and maintenance.


The outputs of the Solysmart sensors are presented on human-machine interface that uses a diagrammatic approach to indicate the status of the critical fan elements and flag up any urgent issues.

A full featured intuitive interface

  • Alerts can be displayed locally or in your control room.
  • Full data curves of historic fan performance are available.
  • Remote monitoring by our specialist team provides detailed diagnostics in real time.

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