What is LNG?

LNG is natural gas that has been refrigerated to -260°F (-162°C). It is a clear, colorless, non-toxic liquid reduced to 1/600th of its original volume making it easy to transport and store. It is the cleanest burning fossil fuel providing reductions in CO2 and eliminating emissions of SO2 and particulates.


Chart Expertise

Maximizing return on investment for LNG projects means choosing a partner that understands their complexity and is able to demonstrate engineering and manufacturing expertise and a proven track record of delivering complete solutions.

LNG value chain

Our Know-How is the combination of a number of capabilities that make us unique in the industry and is your guarantee of a successful project outcome with minimized risk, schedule and cost.


LNG Solutions

LNG & Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel Systems

Fuel tanks and systems for LNG and hydrogen fueled vehicles.

LNG Fueling Stations

Fueling stations for LNG and hydrogen vehicle fleets, from small privately owned operations all the way to public stations.

LNG Liquefaction Plants

Chart's modular liquefaction plants are driving the energy wave.

LNG Regasification

Developing small-scale LNG regasification solutions across the value chain.

LNG Products

In addition to complete engineered solutions, Chart's key cryogenic products are essential to the liquefaction, dustribution, storage and end-use of LNG. For more information please use the descriptions below to visit the respective product pages.


Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Our Hudson brand coolers reduce plot space and deliver significant cost savings in LNG liquefaction plants.

Plate-Fin Heat Exchangers

Key components for natural gas liquefaction, particularly small-scale and modular LNG.

Cryogenic ISO Tanks

20' and 40' containers ensuring safe, economical and convenient transport of LNG by road, rail and water.

Cryogenic Trailers

Complete range of cryogenic trailers, semi-trailers, truck-mounts and swap-bodies. Built in the US, EU and China.


LNG Virtual Pipeline

The virtual pipeline enables users not connected to the grid to utilize natural gas. LNG is distributed from its source, which can be an import terminal, distribution hub or liquefaction plant, in cryogenic containers to a regasification station, where it is stored and vaporized for use.

LNG virtual pipeline


For users who are connected to the grid but looking to supplement insufficient or unreliable pipeline capacity, for example to meet additional load and seasonal variations or emergency back-up supply, the LNG virtual pipeline enables them to use the same delivery system as they're simply using stored natural gas to augment their pipeline supply. With diesel or LPG back-up a completely separate and different storage and delivery system is required.


Energy Security Through LNG

Europe’s rapid transition away from imported pipeline gas presents a meaningful opportunity for United States shale LNG. The US’ ability to bring new liquefaction capacity on-line is due, in part, to the Modular Mid-Scale LNG concept; Chart offers a unique capability in this module market, through our patented Integrated Pre-Cooled Single Mixed Refrigerant (IPSMR®) liquefaction process coupled with our brazed aluminum heat exchanger and cold box equipment.

small-scale LNG value chain


For regions not connected to the grid, there is added opportunity to transition to natural gas through the virtual pipeline.


After-Sales Support

Chart supports you through the project lifecycle from the earliest feasibility study all the way to ensuring your equipment continues to perform safely and reliably in the field for many years.

LNG aftersales

Technical Library

Access Chart's LNG literature including brochures, case studies and more.

Chart China - LNG Products

Energy Independence Through Small-Scale LNG

Solutions for the distribution, storage and end-use of LNG as an alternative to imported pipeline gas.

Energy Security Through LNG

At a time when it is not possible to rely entirely on uninterrupted energy supplies from gas pipelines, the electricity grid or renewables, companies and institutions must address their energy independence.

LNG Drop & Go Regas (DAGR)

Bringing clean burning natural gas to areas not connected to the pipeline grid.

LNG Statement of Qualification

Chart provides LNG solutions across the value chain - liquefaction, distribution and storage - delivering clean burning natural gas for energy and transportation.

Marine Decarbonization

Chart is pioneering the decarbonization of the marine industry through LNG and hydrogen.

BAHX in LNG Processes

A Key to LNG was first published in Hydrocarbon Engineering in October 2017.

Energy Security Through LNG

Chart explains how LNG can provide energy security, independence, access and resiliency. First published in Gasworld US, November 2022.

Energy Security Through Small-Scale LNG

Chart discusses how small-scale LNG can help countries, regions and businesses achieve improved energy security and independence.

LNG as a fuel for railway locomotives

Since 2017 a fleet of 13 Chart engineered and built tenders have been fueling natural gas driven locomotives on the Jacksonville to Miami freight route.

LNG Bunkering Terminal

Case Study – Dual purpose LNG bunkering and boiler feed project located in Norway.

LNG Bunkering Terminal located in Port Jacksonville, Florida

Case Study – read about Chart’s Engineered System approach to be part of the solution to bring LNG vessel bunkering infrastructure to the east coast of Florida.

LNG Marine Fueling - Fleet of river barges

Chart LNG systems fuel a fleet of barges operating on China's Yangtze river.

LNG Marine Fueling - High Speed Catamaran

A Chart LNG system fuels the world's fastest high speed ferry.

LNG to Power - Bringing natural gas power to a remote community

LNG to Power - Bringing natural gas power to off-grid agricultural enterprise

LNG to Power - Conversion from Propane

LNG to Power - Converting Gibraltar to Natural Gas

LNG to Power - Enabling a 115 MW power station to convert from diesel to natural gas

Modular Mid-scale LNG Liquefaction

Case study showing how a Chart modular liquefaction plant in Canada is satisfying local demand for clean burning natural gas and export to China.

River Barges fueled with LNG

Case Study – LNG fueling vessels on Yangtze River, China. Engineered and built LNG fueling systems to supply gas to Weichai 155 kW engines.

Using LNG/LBG as a Back-up Fuel

With increased energy volatility across Europe many organisations are now looking to LNG/LBG stored on-site as a back-up solution for seasonal demand and outages.

LNG Solutions in Action

Collection of case studies from LNG projects completed by Chart. Includes all aspects across the value chain - liquefaction, distribution, storage and end-use, including LNG to power, vehicle, marine and rail fueling.

Cryogenic Tanks for LNG-Europe

LNG Storage Tanks – EU Origin.

LNG Fuel Stations

LNG/LCNG fuel stations for any size vehicle fleet.

LNG ISO Intermodal Containers

LNG ISO international standards and transportation. Manufactured in China.


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