Uncovering the Benefits of CBD Oil

Science is uncovering the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) oil for providing pain relief and the treatment of a host of illnesses without giving users a 'high'. Chart's carbon dioxide products are increasingly used during the plant growing and extraction phases and our nitrogen dosers prolong product shelf-life and reduce packaging.

Increase CBD Oil Extraction Output and Grow Yields

Pressurized carbon dioxide provides the capacity to extract dozens of desirable cannabinoids, tepenes, plant waxes and flavanoids from marijuana and hemp plants. Unlike other solvents, carbon dioxide is non-flammable and produces no toxic by-products.

Enrichment of cannabis plants via supplemental carbon dioxide makes them grow around 30% faster, which increases yields and typically enables commercial growers to get another crop from the same floor space.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

The Perma-Max™ 1400 XHP MicroBulk CO2 System and CO2 Trifecta® Gas Supply System are designed to help extractors decrease operational costs and optimize batch processes

  • Lower operating costs for oil extractors utilizing improved MAWP of 800 psig (Perma-Max 1400 XHP) and 930 psig (CO2 Trifecta)
  • Increase output by eliminating time-consuming high pressure bottle changeouts and streamlining the supply of high pressure liquid CO2 extractors

CO2 Atmospheric Enrichment

The Perma-Max™ HP and VHP models, bulk storage tanks, and Carbo Series systems can reliably improve botanical yields.

  • Better climate control vs. CO2 generators which produce heat and increase humidity
  • Safer with no open flames and no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

Product Portfolio

Chart offers a complete portfolio of products that support carbon dioxide enrichment.


Liquid Storage

Chart has a liquid storage solution for grow houses of all sizes. Our MicroBulk delivery program also means you never run out and don't need to worry about scheduling deliveries.

Trifecta® Pro

The Trifecta® Pro CO2 Supply System is the preferred solution for helping botanical extractors optimize processes and decrease operational costs. The unit can be operated at pressures up to 850 psig and can provide a continuous flow of high pressure carbon dioxide.

Perma-Max™ 1400 XHP

Especially suited to botanical extraction. Gross volume of 171 gallons, gas storage capacity 11,826 scf, liquid storage capacity 1352 lbs, normal evaporation rate 0.3% and integrated 6kW Thermax electric pressure building vaporizer.

Carbon Capture

Improving sustainability. Chart's CiCi® technology affordably captures, purifies and liquefies carbon dioxide transforming a waste gas stream to value, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Nitrogen Dosing

Chart's liquid nitrogen dosing systems are often used alongside CO2 systems for packaging, preservation, pressurization and freezing. Key benefits are extended shelf life, reduced weight and enhanced product quality.


Technical Library

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Cannabis & CBD Oil Brochure

AG Gas

Team up with our distributor AG Gas to win CO2 enrichment projects.

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Bulk CO2 Systems

CO2 storage and distribution equipment. US manufactured.

CO2 Systems

Products for storage and distribution of CO2. Manufactured in Europe for EMEAI regions.

Engineered Systems

A custom built, application focused cryogenic packaged solution comprising principal Chart built storage tanks, vaporizers, vacuum insulated pipe with associated control and automation systems.

Liquid Nitrogen Dosing

System Solutions for LN2 Service.

Perma-Max 1400 XHP

Extra high pressure MicroBulk storage for CO2 service. Manufactured in US.

Perma-Max CO2

Perma-Max 2200, 3300, 4400, 6000 HP and 12000 VHP MicroBulk Storage Systems. Manufactured in US.

Perma-Max MB CO2

Manufactured in US.

Trifecta Pro CO2

High pressure gas supply system when using CO2 to assist supercritical processes such as botanical extraction.

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