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Liquid Bulk Carbon Dioxide Storage Tanks

Featuring the Carbo-Mizer®, Carbo-Mite®, Carbo-Max® and Perma-Max™ CO2 Storage Systems. After developing a soft drink carbonation solution for the world's #1 restaurant chain, we continued to innovate and our passion led us into new markets. By integrating our CO2 and nitrogen technology, we've created a mixed gas system for brewers of all sizes, from the smallest brew pub to full-scale breweries.

Bulk CO2 Systems

Chart systems provide carbon dioxide across a diverse range of applications including:

  • Brewing
  • Food freezing
  • Concrete curing - CO2 reduces the curing time and cost of concrete pouring
  • Vaccine storage
  • Cannabis growing
  • pH control of swimming pools
  • Die cooling
  • Dry ice pellets for fire fighting
  • Stage productions

Our Carbo Series bulk CO2 cylinders are at the heart of the system. Constructed from high grade stainless steel, individual cylinder capacities range from 220 to 1000 lbs (100 to 454 kg).

There are two principal liquid CO2 delivery mechanisms. The Vertical Liquid CO2 Delivery unit (VLCD) is pallet based and ideal for new business start-ups, new installations, hot-shot deliveries and remote operations. For larger volume users Chart's best in class Orca™ MicroBulk delivery truck has been specially engineered for liquid CO2 cylinder filling.

Carbo Series Systems

Serving a variety of markets and usage requirements, Carbo Series bulk CO2 systems meet the unique demands of every customer. Carbo Series systems eliminate run-outs, allowing your accounts to focus on customer sales rather than operations.

  • All models are constructed of high-grade stainless steel for food-grade compatibility and long service life
  • 7-year vacuum warranty
  • High vacuum Super Insulation
  • Proprietary vacuum maintenance system ensures optimized long-term performance
  • Certified to meet NSF and EC 1935/2004 standards, supporting growing global food safety initiatives within the beverage industry
  • Instrument grade isolation valves, rated for a 10,000 cycle life
  • Telemetry ready, optional liquid level gauges
  • 300 psig (20.7 barg) MAWP

Technical Library

View and download sales literature, technical manuals and more.

MicroBulk CO2 Applications & Storage Systems

The Perma-Max MicroBulk Storage Systems are specifically designed for CO2 service. US manufacture & specifications.

Bulk CO2 & Syrup Systems

McDonald's equipment.

Made in China – Industrial Gases Catalogue

ISO’s available in multiple cryogenic services for intermodal transportation needs.

Flow Metering Systems - LIN LOX LAR CO2

Flow metering systems for liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide from Flow Instruments

NSF Certified Bulk CO2 Tanks

NSF Food Equipment and European Union Regulation Certifications of beverage bulk CO2 tanks manufactured in US.

Bulk CO2 Applications and Storage Systems

Manufactured in US

ChillZilla® Bulk CO 2 Liquid Supply System-Lowering temperatures and costs

Bulk Co2 Systems

Bulk CO2 and N2

Highlights wide range of high capacity and high flow rate beverage grade CO2 and LN2 from establishments from the smallest brew pubs to full scale breweries.

Carbo series bulk CO2 system

Bulk CO2 Swimming Pool System

Benefits of CO2 in swimming pool.

CO2 selection guide-Stationary tanks

CO2 storage solutions

Johnsonville Sausage_Chillzilla LN2 supply for food freezing

Use of Chillzilla featuring a dynamic pressure builder, for maintaining constant delivery of liquid nitrogen .

Bulk CO2 Systems

CO2 storage and distribution equipment. US manufacture.

CO2 Systems

Products for storage and distribution of CO2. Manufactured in Europe for EMEAI regions.

Data Book for Cryogenic gases and equipment

Bulk CO2 Systems

Products manufactured in US

Carbo-Max Series

Bulk CO2 storage systems:450/ 600/750/1000 . Products manufactured in US

VaporMan 125

Manifold vaporizer system

GeN2 Nitrogen Generator

Products manufactured in US

McDonald's Syrup Tank

Hybrid bulk syrup system SSM-80G. Manufactured in US

CO2 Supply Systems for McDonald's

Product manual for Carbo-Max 450, 750 and 1000

ChillZilla LN2

Bulk LN2 supply management system manufactured in US

ChillZilla CO2

Bulk CO2 food freezing and dry ice production system manufactured in US

VTC Series

Vertical storage tanks for CO2 and nitrous oxide manufactured in Europe for EMEAI region


Vertical bulk storage systems manufactured in US


Horizontal bulk storage systems manufactured in US

Perma-Max CO2

Perma-Max 2200, 3300, 4400, 6000 HP and 12000 VHP MicroBulk Storage Systems. Manufactured in US

Orca Mite

2 Ton MicroBulk delivery unit for CO2 manufactured in US.

Carbo-Max 750 HF

High capacity-high flow bulk CO2.

Carbo-Mizer 450

High capacity bulk CO2 systems.

Carbo-Mizer 300

High capacity bulk CO2 systems.

Carbo-Mizer 550

High capacity bulk CO2 systems.

Carbo-Mizer 750

High capacity bulk CO2 systems.

Carbo-Mite 220

Low capacity high thermal performance bulk CO2 systems.

Carbo-Max 1000 HF

High capacity high flow bulk CO2 systems.

CO2 Products Selection Guide

Stationary and portable tanks manufactured in US

Carbo-Series Beverage CO2 Tanks

NSF & EU certified bulk CO2 tanks

Carbo-Mite 220

Low capacity high thermal performance bulk CO2 manufactured in Europe for EMEAI region

Carbo-Max 600

High capacity high flow bulk CO2 systems.

Perma-Max 1400 XHP

Extra high pressure MicroBulk storage for CO2 service. Manufactured in US


Bulk CO2 delivery system manufactured in US

Bulk CO2 Tank Storage Cabinet

Provides added security for outside installations.

VaporMan 125

Compact modular manifold vaporizer system.

CO2Meter RAD-0102-6 alarm systems

CO2 storage safety alarms with both audible alarm and flashing visual indicator.

GeN2® Nitrogen Generator

Blended gas mixer.

International Bulk Syrup System

Each tank holds 300 litres of Coca Cola syrup.

Carbo-Max 1000 HF McDonald's

High capacity high flow McDonald's bulk CO2 tanks.

CO2 Monitoring Systems - AX60 for McDonald's

The Analox CO2 monitoring system is a precision instrument that provides continuous, accurate monitoring of CO2 levels to ensure a safe working environment.

Perma-Max MB CO2

Manufactured in US

VSi-CO2 Series

Vertical storage integrated bulk systems for CO2 supply in outdoor installation. Manufactured in US.

HSi-CO2 Series

Horizontal storage integrated bulk system for CO2 supply in outdoor installation. Manufactured in US.

Bulk Co2 Sysytems

Bulk Dispense Station

Supports transfer of liquid from a bulk storage tank to a use point, like Orca without the use of pump.

Bulk CO2 Systems

Products manufactured in US

Design Change Notifications


The Carbo-Mite 220 Bulk CO2 System is designed for the small 20/50 lb. high pressure cylinder user. It provides all the benefits of bulk storage with no gas losses between refills up to six months apart.


The Carbo-Mizer Bulk CO2 System is available in either 300, 450, 550, 750 lb models as an affordable alternative to high pressure cylinders. These systems offer flow rates that meet the demands of high volume customers such as: fast food, convenience stores, restaurants and bars.


The Carbo-Max Bulk CO2 System is available as either a 600, 750 or 1000 High Flow System to meet the demands of high volume customers such as: stadiums, brew pubs, cineplexes and microbreweries.


Fast fill MicroBulk storage system designed specifically for CO2 applications. Incorporates many standard features from the Perma-Cyl range for easy installation, fast start-up and extended hold times, even during periods of low volume or no gas use. In addition a fast fill feature increases the fill rate from a standard beverage truck by more than 3x versus our standard Perma-Cyl series.

CO2 Delivery

Our Vertical Liquid CO2 Delivery (VLCD) system is an affordable solution for new business start-ups, new installations, hot shot deliveries and remote operations. The system is mounted in a secure mobile pallet base with all interconnecting piping and controls easily accessible to the driver.

We've adapted our Orca™ MicroBulk Delivery System specifically for filling the Carbo Series and Perma-Max™ liquid carbon dioxide tanks. The stainless steel inner vessel on the Orca CO2 delivery unit is protected by a high quality vacuum with super insulation for minimal heat transfer. 


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