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Chart's Commitment to Equity

We understand that the more variety we have in our perspectives, and ideas the more successful we are. As such, we are actively ensuring that all levels of our Chart family look like the societies we live in. We not only take strides to give Chart team members the resources they need to make of their career whatever they dream it, but also ensure they feel good while doing it. 

V Chartu přistupujeme ke všem stejně

Víme, že čím jsou naše pohledy a nápady rozmanitější, tím jsme úspěšnější. Vytváříme takové podmínky, které podpoří rovnoprávný přístup ke všem. Snažíme se v rámci firem Chart nejen poskytnout zdroje potřebné pro rozvoj kariéry, ale také zajistit, abystese při tom cítili dobře.

Women in Leadership

What is your favorite thing about Chart's culture?

Chart has a great collaborative culture - every day we’re challenged with new opportunities to help our customers, manage technical challenges and develop new and exciting technologies in cryogenics. It’s exciting to be part of a team that willing to step in and work together toward a solution, with everyone bringing a unique area of expertise and background to the table. I am incredibly impressed with the depth of knowledge and technical expertise that is shared among the experts here at Chart. There have been so many times I’ve needed assistance on a technical challenge or was simply seeking more information about one of our products and all I needed to do was to ask the people around me and I found everyone to be helpful, engaging, and willing to answer all of my questions.

What makes you successful in this role?

I’m honored to be in a position to lead a team of talented and highly skilled engineers. Without my team and the people supporting me and my team I would not be very successful at all. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to witness their career growth as we take on new challenges and develop and support products for Chart.


Beth McCall

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee

How we are making more impact

We recognize that despite meeting or exceeding industry standards, we can still do better. To further ingrain Diversity and Inclusion our Culture we have established an employee driven, executive leadership sponsored Diversity and Inclusion Committee.


To focus our efforts we have created 6 subcommittees that target specific impact areas. Each committee is sponsored by a member of the Executive Staff.  They include:
  • Community Involvement
  • Talent/Hiring/Development
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Education and Training
  • Broad team involvement
  • Employee engagement

Jak se snažíme být ještě lepší

Uvědomujeme si, že kromě dodržování zákonných standardů můžeme být ještě lepší. Abychom ještě více posílili principy diverzity a inkluze v naší firemní kultuře, ustavili jsme komisi pro diverzitu a inkluzi. V ní působí naši zaměstnanci, komisi podporuje nejvyšší management.


Abychom lépe zacílili naše úsilí, vytvořili jsme 6 týmů. Každý z nich se zaměřuje na jinou oblast, kterou chceme ovlivňovat. Každý tým je zaštítěn některým ze členů výkonného vedení. Tyto oblasti jsou:

  • Zapojení komunity
  • Talenty / Nábor / Rozvoj
  • Interní a externí komunikace
  • Vzdělávání a odborná příprava
  • Široké zapojení týmu
  • Angažovanost zaměstnanců

Committee Composition

Over 50 Chart team members of differing backgrounds from all functions and job levels have joined the committee.

Representative Locations

The number of locations across the US, China, India, Italy, and the Czech Republic from which the committee team members work.

Subcommittee Interest

The number of subcommittees that address targeted areas of impact.

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