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Flow Metering Systems

Versatile and precise measurement for a wide variety of fluids including liquefied air gases (nitrogen, oxygen, argon), CO2, hydrogen, liquid petroleum gases (LPGs) and AdBlue.

  • Suitable for both stationary (storage tanks, fueling stations) and vehicle (trucks, trailers) applications
  • Standard range covers flow rates from 1000 kg/hr to 70.000 kg/hr (2200 lb/hr to 154000 lb/hr)
  • Lifetime guarantee on measuring section

DynaFlow® 3000

The DynaFlow 3000 LNG dispenser is specifically designed and proven for fast, accurate and reliable fueling of natural gas vehicles. The system includes a mass flow meter, complete with European type approval based on MID (Measuring Instrument Directive).

  • Supplied ready for mounting onto a standard pump island
  • Average fueling time: only 3 min/450l
  • Measurement accuracy better than 0.25%
  • Card-operated and/or self-service operation
  • Can be supplied as part of a mobile or stationary LNG fueling station
  • MID approved
  • Digital display showing price, amount of gas in kg and price per kg
  • Recycling of boil-off gas eliminates emissions during normal use

Made in Germany

Every year Flow produces > 1000 durable, reliable and efficient measuring systems and undertakes > 3000 calibrations at customer sites. Already a significant player across Germany and Europe, Chart's global network has enabled successful expansion into Latin America, Malaysia, China, Russia and the Middle East.

Calibration and Service

At Flow our commitment to service is absolute. Our complete aftermarket packages include periodic calibration and accuracy verification of flow metering devices together with routine maintenance, operator training and installation as required. We're also available to answer any questions and respond immediately to emergency situations.

Flow Instruments calibration and service


Innovation is Our Strength

Introducing the new generation of cryogenic transport trailers for the European market. A combined effort from our GOFA, Flow Instruments and VCT Vogel subsidiaries.

Interesting Facts


Clean-Burning Energy

Delivering Clean Burning LNG

Each of Chart's 1000 m3 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanks provides sufficient clean-burning natural gas energy to meet the average family's demand for 500 years.

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