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One part of liquid nitrogen (LN2) warms and expands into 700 parts of gaseous nitrogen at ambient temperature. Chart's automated dosers dispense a precisely measured dose of LN2 into each container prior to sealing. The trapped LN2 vaporizes, creating pressure, and adding rigidity to the container – allowing for a thinner container wall.

LN2 Dosing Video

A widget is used to create the same effect when the can is opened as when it’s poured from a nitro tap. Nitrogen is released and it agitates the beverage. 

nitrogen dosing craft beer

Familiar with the upsurge in craft beers and the nitro coffee phenomenon? Chart nitrogen dosing facilitates both.

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Producing and Selling Nitro Canned Beer

Discover How to Can Nitro Beers



An exact dose of liquid nitrogen is introduced seconds before the seamer or capper. The volumetric expansion of the vaporized nitrogen pushes oxygen out of the container.

Key Benefits: oxygen reduction, extended shelf life, efficient nitrogen consumption, stabilization of organic products

Typical Applications: automobile oil, beer, condiments, wine

In Operation: documented studies show a 26% increase in shelf life and 90 to 95% reduction in headspace oxygen compared to traditional gaseous nitrogen purging


Full Equipment Solution

From initial design to a complete after-sales package, we work closely with our customers to ensure that the complete system is engineered and built in accordance with their requirements and always operating at peak efficiency. 

  1. Storage: complete range of LN2 liquid cylinders, MicroBulk systems and bulk tanks.
  2. Withdrawal: a vacuum insulated valve has the benefit of extremely low heat leak for minimum gas boil-off and eliminates unsafe ice build-up.
  3. Vacuum Insulated Pipe: the foundation for heat loss efficiency and long-term integrity.
  4. Phase Separator: provides extremely high-quality, low pressure LN2 on demand resulting in a continuous supply of unsaturated LN2.


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Bulk CO2 & N2 Generator- from bars to restaurants

Benefits of Chart beverage systems to provide high quality CO2 gas and on-site blended beer gas.

Bulk CO2 and LN2- from pubs to breweries

Benefits of Chart beverage systems as it provides the perfect pour.

Trends in food processing equipment in the US

Application Focus - General Nitrogen Dosing Capabilities

Application Focus - Nitro & Cold Brew Coffee

Application Focus - Nitrogen Dosing for Beer

Application Focus - Nitrogen Dosing for Wine

Application Focus - PET Container Reduction & Enhancement

Data Book for Cryogenic gases and equipment

Liquid Nitrogen Dosing

System Solutions for LN2 Service.

Adjustable Pressure Phase Separator (APPS) 160

The APPS 160 unit was developed to be used alongside LN2 high pressure bulk tanks. Designed to lower the saturation point of the liquid nitrogen as well as lower temperature. Manufactured in US.

CryoDoser FleX®



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of clean drinking water

Water + Response Program

With the donation of Chart dosing equipment Can’d Aid has provided >3.1 million cans of clean drinking water throughout the U.S., including Puerto Rico and Navajo Nation, in response to natural and human-made disasters. Can’d Aid volunteers distribute water providing access and opportunities to underserved youth, and protecting and restoring the environment.