Proven Carbon Capture Solutions

Small-scale carbon capture technology designed to serve the needs of emission sources such as craft breweries, commercial greenhouses and other small to medium sized industries. We provide the full solution—hardware, software, installation, engineering, and real-time remote maintenance services.


Meet CiCi

CiCi ® CO2 capture solution allows customers to affordably capture CO2. The CiCi solution includes hardware, software and services. CiCi’s patented purification technology transforms a mixed gas waste stream to value, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

CiCi small-scale carbon capture for breweries

Captured carbon dioxide is returned at >99.9% purity, which exceeds requirements for beverage grade quality.

3 step process: gas is dried to remove moisture, scrubbing removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other impurities, and chilling to below -34.7 °C converts the gas to a liquid.

Available in 3 different models; Oak, Elm and Teak, according to capacity and site requirements. Contact an expert to discuss which model is best for your operation.


Emissions Monitoring & Reporting Software

small-scale carbon capture software

CiCi ® CO2 emissions monitoring and reporting software controls gas processing, while providing real-time alerts so customers can let unit run 24x7 unmanned. The remote dashboard also allows the team to track via mobile phones or desktops, running reports off-line and assessing CO2 capture volumes. As the carbon market develops for CO2 incentives and credits, the software is ready to provide traceability and transparency to the molecule.


Installation Services

small-scale carbon capture installation

Earthly Labs believes CO2 technology is a buttress to support our customers’ goals – emission reduction, cost reduction and value creation. We have developed a customer onboarding and implementation process that tracks and monitors customer success – from kick-off meeting to delivery to installation and post-sale support. Our team members have deep understanding of the industries we serve so we can integrate our solution knowledgeably, train team members effectively, and install equipment confidently, with minimal disruption to your processes. With more units in operation than any supplier at our scale, we have developed installation processes and training tools that enable quick time-to-value and sustained CO2 capture performance. During commissioning, our team helps build piping manifolds, install piping, tie in CO2 capture equipment to your fermentation tank, set-up remote monitoring software, capture and liquify CO2, train your team and ensure your continued success. We also have a catalog of tips and tricks in our manual and customer service portal, with post-sale customer support from industry and engineering experts. In addition, the cloud-based performance monitoring dashboard allows our customer service team to troubleshoot or offer proactive feedback to maximize CO2 capture. While our CO2 capture technology is unparalleled, our people and yours will ensure your success.


Our technology captures millions of carbon dioxide molecules daily, helping our satisfied customers save thousands and mitigate climate change.


However small, we built our modular, plug-n-play technology to fit your space.


Significantly reduce your costs and create a new revenue stream for your business all while doing your part to cool the planet.


Our customers collectively capture the equivalent of tens of thousands of trees annually—the same environmental benefit as a national park.


Trillium Brewing

Trillium, a modern New England farmhouse brewery, is delighted to have a plug and play carbon capture system that works for smaller breweries and places CiCi at the heart of their sustainability efforts.


Austin Beerworks

Austin Beerworks is the largest independently owned brewery in Austin, Texas, self distributing nearly 20,000 barrels a year. Their mission to continue to brew the best beer while improving the lives of their team and community, drove them to implement Earthly Labs CO2 recovery solution (CiCi). Learn about how they implemented the system, the benefits and how they view this technology for the craft brewing industry.



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Crafting CO2 Recovery

Enabling mid-tier and craft breweries to capture and recycle CO2.

Grey Sail Brewing

Take a behind the scenes look at carbon capture.

Capturing CO2

Produced in collaboration with the Brewers' Association.

Capturing Incentives

R&D tax credits and other incentives for CO2 capture.

Alchemist Brewery

Carbon capture is helping Alchemist Brewery achieve their net zero objectives.


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CiCi Elm

Modular design for leaders seeking to reduce, reuse, and recycle CO2 emissions.

CiCi Oak

Plug-and-play CO2 capture and recovery solution for craft brewers.

Big Storm Brewing Co. has installed a new system for capturing CO2

Article published by Tampa Bay Times.

Crafting a CO2 Closed Loop in Beer

Earthly Labs technology is enabling mid-tier and craft breweries to capture and recycle their CO2 emissions. First published in Gasworld Dec. 2023.

Hero to Net Zero-Craft Brewing

Using cryogenics for emissions reductions in craft brewing.

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