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SES's Cryogenic Carbon Capture (CCC) technology eliminates most emissions from fossil fuels while enabling better use of intermittent renewables through grid scale energy storage. Carbon dioxide is frozen out from the exhaust gases and the solids are separated from the gases prior to the latter being vented to atmosphere. As well as removing >98% of the CO2 CCC also removes Nox, Sox and other pollutants from exhaust gases.

CCC is projected to cost half as much as alternative processes and is a winning combination with Chart's IPSMR® process technology, brazed aluminum heat exchangers, storage tanks and mobile units. 


Chart will use CCC technology and proprietary equipment to develop an integrated solution for high purity (99%) CO2 across a variety of end-use applications.Carbon dioxide can be liquefied, pumped to pressure and sent by pipeline to underground storage reserves, used in enhanced oil recovery and fuel manufacturing. High quality CO2 can be used in the merchant market for a variety of end-uses including food and beverage. 

Cryogenic Carbon Capture Case Study

Pilot project captures carbon dioxide from flue gas at a cement factory and provides 1 tonne per day of liquid carbon dioxide that is re-used in the curing process, turning a waste, environmentally damaging product into a valuable commodity.


Empowering water professionals to achieve their treatment objectives with the lowest combination of risk and costs while driving enhanced outcomes for people, communities and the planet.

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