Reducing Vehicle Emissions

Using natural gas to fuel vehicles reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30% versus conventional liquid fuels. In developing a solution for hydrogen fueled heavy haulage vehicles Chart is driving decarbonisation even further.

LNG Tank Specifications

Chart's LNG vehicle fuel systems support modern spark-ignite and dual-fuel compression-ignition engines. We developed them in collaboration with the leading truck and bus manufacturers and Chart is the brand of choice for major LNG vehicle OEMs.

  • Inner and outer vessels manufactured from austenitic stainless steel
  • Steel and brass plumbing components
  • Single and dual tank configurations available
  • Longest hold time in the industry
  • Standard, bonus and lite versions available - Chart's automotive application engineers can configure a system for any application and provide total project support, from initial design to product launch and beyond
LNG for high horsepower

LNG is an optimal fuel for heavy-duty vehicles requiring significant fuel capacity. LNG is vaporized during engine operation using the engine’s cooling system. A pressure regulator controls the delivery of gas to the vehicle’s engine and maintains a constant pressure. The systems consist of one, or more, super-insulated fuel tanks, ensuring long-time, on-board storage and loss-free operation.

Debunking the myths

LNG systems are lighter and more compact than even the most modern CNG system. Proprietary Chart Vacuum Technology™ remains durable for years without maintenance. There are no annual inspection requirements or time limits on service life. Safety is paramount - single hose fill, patented over-fill protection, automatic pressure control and relief, automatic fuel shut-off.

US & European manufacturing

Tanks are manufactured in the US and Europe in accordance with applicable international design codes and quality standards. Markets served with national approvals include: All - IATF 16949; US - SAE J2343, NFPA 52, CA Title 13, TRRC; Europe - UN ECE R110; Russia - GOST; Australia - AS1210; Korea - KGS; Japan - JGA, KHK; India - PESO

Hydrogen fuel systems

Combining our expertise as the world leader in LNG vehicle fuel systems and liquid hydrogen storage to develop HLH2 horizontal liquid hydrogen storage system for the next generation of clean fueled vehicles. Products are covered by multiple granted US and European patents, as well as applications pending approval.


LNG Bunkering

Chart supplied our first shore to ship bunkering station in 2003 and we continue to design and build the infrastructure required to fuel increased numbers of natural gas fueled ships on global waterways. As well as dedicated bunkering terminals we also incorporate bunkering modules into small-scale import terminals, such as the one at Klaipeda, Lithuania, and our bunkering terminals often also provide natural gas for other functions, such as power and vehicle fueling.

Hydrogen Fuel Tanks

Chart used 2021's ACT Expo in Long Beach, CA to launch our onboard liquid hydrogen (HLH2) fuel system for heavy-duty trucks to meet growing global demand for a variety of fuel cell and internal combustion engine applications. 

liquid hydrogen vehicle fuel tank

The product is fully engineered, manufactured and tested in-house  and combines decades of experience in onboard LNG fuel systems and liquid hydrogen fuel storage.

Similar to comparing LNG with its compressed counterpart CNG, liquid hydrogen storage is roughly half the size and weight of comparable H35 or H70 compressed hydrogen storage tanks and makes liquid hydrogen fueling ideally suited to heavier loads and longer ranges.

Just like conventional diesel tanks, Chart's liquid hydrogen fuel tanks can be side mounted and dual-side mounted to increase vehicle range. Other configurations according to customer requirements are available on request.


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Technical Library

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HLH2 Liquid Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling Systems

Chart brings solution expertise to Liquid Hydrogen (HLH2) on-board fueling systems.

HLNG & HLH2 Fuel Systems

HLNG (Horizontal Liquefied Natural Gas) and HLH2 (Horizontal Liquid Hydrogen) fuel systems.

LNG Fuel Solutions for Ships

LNG Fuel Solutions for Vehicle Fleets (English)

LNG Fuel Solutions for Vehicle Fleets (Russian)

LNG References for the Marine Industry

Energy Security Through LNG

Chart explains how LNG can provide energy security, independence, access and resiliency. First published in Gasworld US, November 2022.

LNG as a fuel for railway locomotives

Since 2017 a fleet of 13 Chart engineered and built tenders have been fueling natural gas driven locomotives on the Jacksonville to Miami freight route.

LNG Marine Fueling - Fleet of river barges

Chart LNG systems fuel a fleet of barges operating on China's Yangtze river.

LNG Marine Fueling - High Speed Catamaran

A Chart LNG system fuels the world's fastest high speed ferry.

The Energy Update-Q3, 2022

Newsletter bringing you the latest developments in Chart's clean energy solutions.

HLH2 Vehicle Tanks

Chart's liquid hydrogen-powered vehicles.

LH2 Hydrogen Fuel Stations

For fueling OTR Trucks, Mine Haul, Marine and more.

LNG Fuel Tanks-Europe

Spec sheet for LNG vehicle fuel tanks manufactured in Europe.

LNG Fuel Tanks-US

Spec sheet for LNG vehicle fuel tanks manufactured in US.

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Interesting Facts


of carbon dioxide emissions prevented

Driving for cleaner skies

Drivers fueling with LNG instead of diesel at one of Europe's 100 Chart built stations have prevented more than 17 million kgs of CO2 emissions.

Vehicle Fueling Systems

Chart's LNG vehicle fuel systems support modern spark-ignite and dual-fuel compression-ignition engines and we're developing liquid hydrogen solutions for the next generation of clean fueled vehicles.