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Global Solutions

Solutions for nitrogen, oxygen, LNG, argon, methane, nitrous oxide, ethylene, carbon dioxide and now hydrogen. Available as 20' or 40' models and built in Chart's facilities in the US, Europe, China and Italy. Consequently Chart ISOs can be engineered to meet all applicable international design codes and even dual coded on request.

Technical Library

We provide a range of resources for all our brands including brochures, model data sheets and technical papers.

Made in EU -ISO Intermodal Containers, for EN and ASME codes

20 feet & 40 feet units. Available with specification to transport LIN, LOX, LAR, N2O, CO2, LNG, Ethane and Ethylene.

Made in China – LNG product and applications catalogue.

Our T75 LNG ISO Tanks sets the standards for hold times and durability.

Made in China – Industrial Gases Catalogue

ISO’s available in multiple cryogenic services for intermodal transportation needs.

LNG Tender Cars using ISO design for liquid storage

Case study on project to develop the LNG tender cars to fuel FECR’s nat gas locomotives

Data Book for Cryogenic gases and equipment

LNG ISO Containers

Chart’s World Class manufacturing facilities offer range of LNG ISOs with highest payloads and hold times.

Mobile Equipment - Oil Field Nitrogen Tanks

For the high-pressure nitrogen applications, this LIN tank is designed to be truck mounted. Designed from field-tested experience in the oil fields. Manufactured in US.

Interesting Facts


of carbon dioxide emissions saved

Since 2014 Gaslink has been using a fleet of Chart ISO containers to transport LNG to the gas fired power station on the island of Madeira.

More than 10,000 deliveries of clean burning natural gas have prevented 270,000 tons of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere as well as > 3,000 tons of SOx, > 12,000 tons of NOx and > 150 tons of particulates.

ISO Standards

The 20' intermodal containers are typically built to according to EN, ASME/DOT or Chinese design standards. Available maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) options include 10, 18, and 24 bar for European design and 100, 150, 180, 230 psi for ASME/DOT designs. The 40' intermodal containers are designed and optimized for LNG and suitable for high payloads of ethylene or ethane.


Wide variety of transportable tanks for delivering liquid gases. Product range caters for liquid gas users of all sizes. Manufacturing locations in US, Europe and China. Portfolio includes Nomad® Mobile System, VRV RBP, HLR®, CRYOTRANS® and CRYOSTOCK® ranges.

Chart Vacuum Technology

Providing the best insulation system to protect your valuable gases from harsh ambient conditions yields better gas utilization. Chart Vacuum Technology incorporates a number of proprietary features and is at the core of why Chart is recognized as the world's premier supplier of cryogenic equipment.


Exclusive to our Cryo Diffusion subsidiary, Cryopack is a vacuum super-insulated tank for storage and multi-modal transportation of liquid nitrogen. Initially developed for offshore oil and gas platforms, Cryopack is now used in a range of applications that require an easily transportable, compact and reliable source of liquid nitrogen.


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