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Safe & Reliable Fueling for all NGVs

Chart vehicle fueling stations are dedicated to safely and reliably delivering fuel for all natural gas vehicles (NGV) and fleets. LNG, including liquid biogas (LBG), is typically used for heavy duty vehicles such as trucks, buses and special handling vehicles, and CNG for passenger cars and vans.

Complete range of sizes and options

From relocatable stations, privately owned ones for small fleets, all the way to ones with multiple dispensers open to both the public and fleet operators. All stations are offered with a comprehensive package of options enabling the customer to tailor according to individual requirements. Modular design permits multi-stage investment and expansion according to capacity requirements.

LNG Fueling Station

Chart permanent stations are structurally similar to gasoline and diesel stations and both types deliver liquid fuel. However, because LNG is stored and dispensed as a super-cooled liquid it requires Chart specialty cryogenic equipment, technology and expertise. Safety, reliability, the environment and total cost of ownership are paramount and our designs incorporate a number of associated features. The stations offer fully automated operation, remote control access and are loaded with our latest technology for maximum accuracy and operational comfort.

An additional CNG module can be incorporated to offer the complete natural gas fueling service for LNG, CNG and bio-gas vehicles.

Chart provides a full turnkey package including engineering, equipment manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning.

Technical Library

View and download brochures, case studies and more

LNG Fueling Solutions for Vehicle Fleets

LNG Fuel Solutions for Vehicle Fleets (Russian)

Chart China - LNG Products

LNG Fuel Solutions for Ships

LNG Solutions for the Marine Industry

LNG on the Rails

Made in China - LNG

Catalogue of Chart products manufactured at our facility in Changzhou across the LNG value chain.

LNG Fuel Solutions for Vehicle Fleets (English)

Dynaflow 3000 Dispenser

Dynaflow 3000 LNG dispenser from Flow Instruments

Flow Metering Systems - LNG

LNG metering systems from Flow Instruments

LNG Vehicle Fueling - Mobile solution using Chart's Orca (Canada)

Natural Gas Fueling Stations

Advantages of Vacuum Jacketed Pipe

Learn how incorporating vacuum insulated pipe at 20 LNG fueling stations across the US delivered huge increases in efficiency and reductions in operating cost.

LNG Vehicle Fueling - Natural Gas Fueling Stations

LNG Vehicle Fueling - Advantages of using Chart vacuum insulated pipe (VIP)

LNG Vehicle Fueling - Mobile solution using Chart's Orca (USA)

LNG Vehicle Fueling - Compact Fueling Station

LNG to Power - Power barge supplying green energy to ships in Hamburg's port

LNG Bunkering Terminal (Jacksonville, FL)-US

Vacuum Insulated Pipe at LNG Bunkering Terminal

LNG Tender Car

Chart supplied 13 tender cars to FECR to fuel their natural gas driven locomotives.

Florida East Coast Railway

LNG to Power - Integrated solution for power generation and vehicle fueling

LNG Solutions in Action

Collection of case studies from LNG projects completed by Chart. Includes all aspects across the value chain - liquefaction, distribution, storage and end-use, including LNG to power, vehicle, marine and rail fueling.

LNG MicroFueler-Europe

LNG MicroFueler-Europe (Russian)

LNG Fuel Stations

LNG/LCNG fuel stations for any size vehicle fleet.

Skid Mounted Stations

Targeted at vehicle fleet bases, remote locations, small ports and also provide an excellent temporary fueling solution. All station components are skid mounted to facilitate transport and reduce site work.

DynaFlow® LNG Dispensers

DynaFlow® LNG Dispensers are manufactured in Germany by our Flow Instruments subsidiary. This technologically advanced dispenser delivers LNG fuel to trucks and city buses accurately, quickly and reliably. DynaFlow 3000 provides accurate flow measurement by dynamically measuring the density of the LNG in real time – it has no moving parts and no diversion of metered flow.

Total supply in China

In 2013 Chart acquired Nanjing Xinye Electric Engineering Co., Ltd., a specialist in electrical control systems and fuel dispensing. The combination of Chart and Nanjing Xinye technologies enables Chart's Changzhou facility to provide complete LNG fueling solutions incorporating the fueling station, dispensers and electronic control and metering systems.

LNG MicroFueler

Utilizes a palletized, transportable liquid cylinder to provide a simple and convenient solution for LNG storage and associated fueling and defueling of LNG vehicle tanks. Simple to operate and ideally suited to start-up projects and as an emergency stand-by in case of a vehicle defect.

Clean Energy Fueling

Chart's LNG fueling stations fit any setting and provide a safe and simple fueling process for natural gas vehicles. See the process in action at our station located in Hamburg's port in Germany.


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