Smart connectivity for performance optimization

Howden combines over 160 years of OEM expertise with the most advanced industrial IoT architectures in the world, to provide a purpose built, innovative platform to deliver value to our customers. Our unique digital solution has been installed on equipment in a wide range of industries; from oil & gas, to power, to wastewater and general industries, and is compatible with non-Howden equipment.

Benefits of Howden Uptime

  • Safe and reliable operation of critical assets
  • Reduce unplanned downtime to minimise production loss
  • Safely increase maintenance intervals
  • Achieve Best-in-class service through a direct link to Howden experts, with our engineers close at hand at all times to provide expert guidance and support
  • Gain equipment efficiencies through intuitive dashboards providing invaluable advice and recommended actions

Howden Uptime Animation

Find out more about our digital platform and how we use it to our customers’ benefit in our short Howden Uptime animated video.

Howden Uptime

The system combines active inputs, such as temperature, pressure and vibration, with reference parameters from manuals, specifications and maintenance reports. When the data is analysed, it provides a unique foundation for maintaining and enhancing operational excellence.


The unique Howden digital twin is at the heart of the Howden Uptime solution. The Howden digital twin is a digital profile of the Howden product and has been purpose built for the individual products and applications. It compares the original design data, the set of parameters within which we know the equipment should be operating, with the operational data.


Identifying these differences in operation early allows for corrective actions to be put in place, mitigating risk that would have otherwise gone unnoticed and could result in unplanned downtime.

Howden Uptime


Digital Twins

Read our white paper introducing how digital twins can positively impact operations within the oil and gas industry.

Smart Maintenance

Greater insight into the performance of critical equipment can lead to better and more cost effective maintenance management. Find out how Gunvor refinery took advantage of Howden Uptime to manage their compressor fleet.

Actuator Failure

Video case study of a real life situation that demonstrates the value of Howden Uptime for one of our customers.


Technical Library

Access and download literature, specifications, case studies and more.

Howden Uptime

Howden Uptime for Axial Fans

Howden Uptime for Centrifugal Fans

Howden Uptime for Jet Fans

Howden Uptime for Screw Compressors

Howden Uptime for Wastewater

Saturated process gas detection with Howden Uptime

A digital solution to detect wet gas in the compressor and prevent associated risks

Gunvor refinery compressors Howden Uptime

Reciprocating compressors operate 24/7 in a refinery; Gunvor required more insight on the maintenance and performance.

Howden Uptime impact of digitalisation whitepaper

A whitepaper looking into the impact of digitalisation in the manufacturing space for air and gas handling markets.

Howden Uptime predictive analytics using digital twins

A whitepaper introducing how digital twins can positively impact operations within the oil and gas industry.

Howden Uptime predictive maintenance in wastewater treatment plants

A whitepaper, which describes how using Howden Uptime health score in wastewater treatment plants can produce outcome focused recommendations for operations and maintenance.

Howden Uptime security whitepaper

Ningtiaota Mine Fans Howden Uptime

Howden Uptime supporting fan operation within Chinese coal mine.

Twence Power Plant

Howden Uptime cost-effective condition monitoring system for cooling fans at Waste-2-Energy plant.

Zeeland refinery compressors Howden Uptime

Installing Howden Uptime has resulted in annual energy savings

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