SPINTUBE Advantage

The construction of SPINTUBE bundles increases throughput by up to 40% while still allowing inspection and cleaning using the same methods and techniques developed for conventional shell and tube heat exchangers. SPINTUBE also completely eliminates flow induced vibrations.

Increased Performance

A SPINTUBE replacement bundle creates additional turbulence and with tubes in direct contact with one another the number of tubes per shell diameter is increased. As a consequence retro-fitting SPINTUBE increases thermal performance in the same shell by up to 40%.

SPINTUBE Parameters

No limitations on tube material and thickness. Tube diameters from 3/8" to 11/4". Tube spin is engineered according to service. Can be cleaned using conventional water-jet methods.


Crude pre-heat trains, cooler trains (amine service), condensers, reboilers and vaporizers, feed-effluent exchangers including horizontal, high pressure units e.g. hydrocrackers, and vertical exchangers e.g. Texas Towers, compressor gas coolers.

Features and Benefits

Thermal performance improvements up to 40%, improved hydraulic performance (reduced shell-side pressure drop), custom design, minimized project scope, improved efficiency and throughput, vibration problems eliminated, easy cleaning.


Technical Library

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IMB Product Portfolio

IMB brochure covering LABLEX, Hairpin Exchangers, SPINTUBE and other specialty heat exchangers.

Lock Breaking Kit

IMB's lock breaking kit facilitates simpler and safer maintenance of LABLEX units.

SPINTUBE Replacement Bundles

Connect with IMB

SPINTUBE replacement bundles are engineered and built by Chart's IMB subsidiary in Bagnolo, Italy.

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