MicroBulk systems are available for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide (N2O), LNG & in high pressure, high flow applications including laser cutting, metal processing & fabrication, precision welding, laboratory & research, medical oxygen, food & beverage packaging/preservation, electronics manufacture & testing, & inert purging & blanketing.

Perma-Cyl® MicroBulk Storage Systems

Allowing small and medium volume users to enjoy the benefits of onsite gas delivery, Perma-Cyl MicroBulk Storage Systems provide reliable, efficient and economical solutions for liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2, N2O and LNG.

Designed to replace high pressure gas cylinders, Perma-Cyl tanks eliminate:

  • waste and expense of full for empty gas cylinders
  • cylinder change-overs
  • residual gas losses
  • lost or damaged cylinders
  • cylinder inventory management
  • manual handling injuries

Higher Thermal Efficiency

Perma-Cyl tanks are designed to a higher level of thermal efficiency than competitor products, which means it holds its gas contents longer with lower pressure rise. In fact the extraordinary thermal quality of Perma-Cyl tanks limits product losses during extended periods of little, or even no, gas use.

  • Size, pressure and configurations to meet most applications
  • Manufactured in Chart's US, European and Chinese facilities in accordance with all applicable international quality standards and regional codes
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation and operation
  • Capacities from 230 to 7,000 liters (61 to 1840 gal)
  • Top fill float is designed to allow single hose filling without product loss, under normal conditions
  • Automatic shut-off when used in cojunction with Orca™ MicroBulk Delivery System
  • Caster/pallet base depending on model
  • ZX range designed for high pressure, high flow applications
  • Special features for medical gas use
  • Horizontal versions of selected models available
  • Perma-Max™ models for CO2 service
Chart's Build-Your-Own Perma-Cyl® System program enables gas distributors to customize the tank controls to match their customer's application and their business process.

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Perma-Cyl Horizontal

Perma-Cyl w/ FlexFill

Perma-Cyl 450 ZX VHP

Perma-Cyl 700 HP

MicroBulk - Mixed Gas Skid

Perma-Cyl 230 to 2000 Liters

Perma-Cyl ZX

Perma-Max CO2

Perma-Cyl 5500 MP/VHP

MicroBulk Medical Skid

Perma-Cyl 3000

Perma-Cyl 7000 VHP

Perma-Max 1400 XHP CO2

Perma-Max MB CO2

MicroBulk Technical Service Bulletins

Design Change Notifications

Cash FRM-2 Replacement with Generant (DCN-128) Aug 2020

Perma-Cyl Models Being Obsoleted (DCN-127) May 2020

Perma-Cyl® 7000 VHP

The largest Perma-Cyl 7000 liter MicroBulk Storage System was uniquely designed to aid in a faster, higher quality laser-cut edge. It is now available to provide optimal pressures and flow rates to meet the demands of modern laser cutting operations.

Medical MicroBulk Skid

Specially engineered Perma-Cyl solution for oxygen and nitrogen to serve critical medical facilities such as surgery centers, nursing homes, small hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, veterinary facilities, hyperbaric chambers and dental surgeries.

Cyl-Tel® Liquid Level Gauge

Digital electronic liquid level gauge designed specifically for the Perma-Cyl® MicroBulk Storage Systems. Telemetry-ready with built-in outputs that eliminate the need for additional boards and is completely compatible to most current telemetry system requirements.


Fast fill MicroBulk storage system designed specifically for CO2 applications. Incorporates many standard features from the Perma-Cyl range for easy installation, fast start-up and extended hold times, even during periods of low volume or no gas use. In addition a fast fill feature increases the fill rate from a standard beverage truck by more than 3x versus our standard Perma-Cyl series.

MicroBulk Parts

Order replacement parts from the original equipment manufacturer. Extensive line of options and accessories including:

  • Vacuum jacketed valves and bayonets
  • Isolation and pressure relief valve options
  • Rupture discs
  • Manifolds and Tee-connections
  • Exterior stainless steel wall box for remote filling
  • External pressure build vaporizer coil for high pressure, high flow gas applications


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