Engineered for Efficiency – Built to Last

Chart's bulk cryogenic storage systems are custom engineered to meet your application's specifications. Chart's complete system solution package ensures quality liquid or gas to keep your processes operating at peak efficiency. Built for long-term integrity and industry-leading efficiency, these systems give you the highest performance at the lowest operating cost.

Bulk Tank Systems

Each Chart tank is engineered with a high-degree of standardization for cost efficient production and to keep delivery times short. A range of bolt-on modular options ensure that our standard tanks cater for >95% of customer requirements. Further customization available on request.

  • Complete range of tank sizes from 1500* to 264,000 US gallons (6,000 to 1,000,000 liters) at maximum allowable working pressures between 175 and 500 psig (12 and 37 barg)
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations
  • Perlite or Composite Super Insulation™ system, which ensures high thermal performance, extended hold times, low life-cycle costs and low weight for reduced operational and installation costs
  • Double jacketed construction comprising:
    • Stainless steel inner vessel
    • Carbon steel outer shell with integrated support and lifting system for simplified transport and installation
    • Durable coating that provides maximum corrosion resistance and meets environmental compliance standards

Superior Design & Engineering

  • Modular piping systems combine high performance, durability and low maintenance
    • Reduced number of joints minimizes the risk of external leaks and facilitates simplified installation
    • Easy access to control valves and instrumentation
      • A comprehensive range of safety features afford maximum protection to operators and equipment
      • Meet seismic requirements
      • Engineered, manufactured and tested in accordance with all major international design codes and associated regional requirements
      • Unrivaled engineering and manufacturing capacity
      • World class facilities strategically located in centers of demand
      • Dedicated range for carbon dioxide (CO2)
* a smaller capacity 900 US gallon (3,400 liter) capacity tank is available as standard from our European facilities and a 792 US gallon (3,000 liter) capacity tank is built in India.
Bulk Tanks for CO2 Service

We use the same high integrity vacuum insulation systems for our carbon dioxide storage tanks. An all-metal outer jacket eliminates insulation deterioration from water condensation that is commonly found in foam insulated tanks, especially as they age.

Specialty Fill Plant Storage Tanks

Siphon 100® and Siphon Zero specialty bulk tanks offer increased efficiencies and zero losses by utilizing 100% of the liquid content 100% of the time. They are the benchmark standard for filling high pressure cylinders, liquid cylinders and mobile equipment at industrial gas fill plants.

Chart Vacuum Technology®

At Chart we have always taken pride in developing the best thermal insulation system possible in our cryogenic bulk tanks. Our Composite Super Insulation™ and Chart Vacuum Technology® is at the core of why Chart bulk tanks are recognized around the world as the premier cryogenic bulk storage tank.

Options & Accessories

Optimize your liquid storage and gas delivery system with our Vaporizers, Vacuum Insulated Pipe (VIP), OnSite™ Telemetry System and Tank-Tel® Liquid Level Gauge.

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Chart University

Learn from the experts. Chart provides a range of training programs promoting the safe and efficient use, application and installation of our products. Learning incorporates practical and classroom sessions together with factory and site visits with all material presented and demonstrated by Chart experts.


Engineered Systems

An engineered system, also known as a cryogenic system, is a custom, application focused, complete storage and vaporization solution that utilizes Chart's core cryogenic products as the basis of design. Chart designs and builds the total equipment scope for full turn key solutions and accompanies you through the complete project lifecycle, from feasibility study to on-site commissioning. Our extensive after-sales network ensures that your equipment continues to perform safely, reliably and at optimal performance in the field.

cryogenic engineered system LNG to power

cryogenic engineered system for water treatment


cryogenic engineered system for carbon dioxide

Equipment scope includes:

  • Cryogenic storage tanks
  • Vaporizers
  • Vacuum jacketed pipework
  • Control system
  • Valves, heaters, and other ancillaries as required
  • Project scope can also be widened to include Chart cryogenic distribution equipment, such as trailers, semi-trailers and ISO containers, for complete virtual pipeline solutions

Engineered systems can be configured for any demand requirement and a range of liquid gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, LNG, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, ethylene, helium and nitrous oxide. They are used as a more efficient, reliable, cost effective, scalable and safe alternative to high pressure gas storage in a huge variety of applications where gas is required at the point of use across industry, science, leisure, medical, food and beverage, water treatment, aerospace and more. Chart engineered systems are fundamental to the energy transition bringing natural gas and hydrogen to businesses and regions not connected to the pipeline grid.


Leading the Energy Transition

Our Chart China team recently celebrated completion of liquid hydrogen storage tanks engineered and built in Changzhou. With world class facilities across three continents and a wealth of cryogenic and compression expertise, Chart is uniquely positioned to accelerate the energy transition through the adoption of hydrogen.


Steel Surcharges

Industrial Surcharge List

Technical Library

View and download sales literature, technical manuals and more.

Aftermarket - Cryogenic Systems (Europe)

Summary of Chart's extensive European network for aftermarket services including servicing, repairs, refurbishments, spare parts and leasing.

Bulk CO2 Applications and Storage Systems

Standard sizes for the vertical and horizontal bulk CO2 tanks range from 6 ton to 50 ton. Using all welded outers and SS plumbing, these tanks offer the maximum lifetime thermal efficient you expect from Chart. US manufactured.

Bulk Storage Systems_Comparison

Considering buying a new tank versus used? Do the math and compare.

Cryogenic Systems (EMEAI)

Summary of the cryogenic systems engineered and built by Chart in Europe for the EMEAI region.

ET Series

Engineered cryogenic storage tanks manufactured in Europe for EMEAI region.

ET Series (Russian Language)

Engineered cryogenic storage tanks manufactured in Europe for EMEAI region.

Made in China – Industrial Gases Catalogue

ISO’s available in multiple cryogenic services for intermodal transportation needs.

Made in China – LNG product and applications catalogue.

Our T75 LNG ISO Tanks sets the standards for hold times and durability.

Product Portfolio

Chart Ferox, GOFA and Flow Instruments products manufactured in Europe for EMEAI region.

VT Series Individual Design

Vertical storage tanks ranging from 3,000 to 80,000 liters for the Industrial Gases. Use this line tanks when more customization of options is needed. Manufactured in Europe for EMEAI.

VT Series Performer Line

Manufactured in EU for EMEAI regions, this line of vertical, vacuum insulated perlite tanks, offers high performance with low cost designs and standard features. Ranging in sizes from 3,000 liters to 60,000 liters.

Warranty-Bulk Storage Vessels

Chart Inc. warranty statement for bulk storage.


Re-engineered vertical tank series for the European market. Lowest lifecycle costs with improved performance and wider operating range for cryogenic liquid gases. Built at both our Decin and Ornago facilities.

BlueInGreen - Advancing Cleaner Water with CO2 for pH control

Common uses of CO2 for pH adjustments in water treatment and how Chart and BlueInGreen solutions work together.

ChartWater Aeration System at Electric Power Plant

Using LOX to optimize oxygen levels deployed downstream from a dam.

ChillZilla CO2 Case Study - Dry Ice Manufacturing

Hydrogen Takes Centre Stage

Discussion on the factors involved in the transition to storing hydrogen as an industrial fuel with contributions from Chart. First published in Tank Storage magazine.

Johnsonville Sausage_Chillzilla LN2 supply for food freezing

Use of Chillzilla featuring a dynamic pressure builder, for maintaining constant delivery of liquid nitrogen.

LNG to Power - Bringing natural gas power to a remote community

LNG to Power - Bringing natural gas power to off-grid agricultural enterprise

LNG to Power - Bringing natural gas power to off-grid diamond mine

LNG to Power - Enabling a 115 MW power station to convert from diesel to natural gas

LNG to Power - Peak Shaving

LNG to Power - Virtual Pipeline solution for Madeira's natural gas fired power station

LOX Supply for Ozone Generation

LOX Systems approach with 26K gal liquid oxygen storage ensures gaseous oxygen supply in ozone treatment.

LOX System for Ozone Generation

Chart developed the cryogenic liquid oxygen storage system for a new water plant using ozone, instead of chlorine for pre-treatment.

LOX Technology for Water Treatment

ChartWater supplied a liquid oxygen system as part of an upgrade and performance improvements at a municipal water treatment facility in CA.

Ozone Generation Using LOX

Chart developed the liquid oxygen unloading, storage and vaporization system for the world's largest submerged membrane water treatment plant.

Special Feature reprinted from Gasworld on Dry Ice

Saving with ChillZilla® Bulk CO2 Liquid Supply System.

Super Large Liquid Nitrogen Tanks Made In India

Chart's VRV India subsidiary commissioned to design, manufacture, test, supply and install two LIN tanks at end customer location within a stringent delivery timeline.

Using LCO2 in Water Treatment

Liquid CO2 bulk storage and system approach providing carbon dioxide for arsenic removal.

VS-SIPHON 100- Rockford Industrial Welding Supply, Inc

Financial & Operational benefits of Rockford Industrial Welding Supply, Inc. by using Chart Siphon tanks.

VS-SIPHON 100-Central Welding Supply Company

Siphon tank delivers profit improvement for fill operation for Central Welding Supply Company.

Water Energy Nexus

What Chart's acquisition of BlueInGreen tells us about the future for the industrial gas, energy and water treatment markets. First published in Gasworld, February 2021.

Bulk Storage Systems

Equipment for cryogenic service manufactured in US.

Data Book for Cryogenic gases and equipment

Engineered Systems

A custom built, application focused cryogenic packaged solution comprising principal Chart built storage tanks, vaporizers, vacuum insulated pipe with associated control and automation systems.

Engineered Systems (Flipbook)

A custom built, application focused cryogenic packaged solution comprising principal Chart built storage tanks, vaporizers, vacuum insulated pipe with associated control and automation systems.

For Bulk Storage System Manuals located on

Library of current and archived product manuals for US manufactured equipment.

VS-01 Series

Premier vertical storage systems manufactured in US.

BulkLite 1400

Compact horizontal bulk storage unit manufactured in US.

ChillZilla CO2- Bulk CO2 Liquid Supply System

For increased food freezing and dry ice production, this system delivers consistent CO2 to application.

ChillZilla LN2

Bulk LN2 supply management system manufactured in US.


Vacuum super-insulated tank for transport and storage of liquid nitrogen. Manufactured by Cryo Diffusion.

HS Series

Horizontal bulk storage manufactured in US.


Horizontal bulk storage systems manufactured in US.

HSi-CO2 Series

Horizontal storage integrated bulk system for CO2 supply in outdoor installation. Manufactured in US.

HT Series

Horizontal cryogenic storage tanks for atmospheric gases and LNG manufactured in Europe for EMEAI region.

HTC Series

Horizontal storage tanks for CO2 and nitrous oxide manufactured in Europe for EMEAI region.

LNG Storage Vessels

LNG Storage Tanks – US Origin.

Local Signal Panel

Medical gas supply systems designed to meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) alarm requirements.

Siphon 100

Fill plant bulk storage system manufactured in US.

Siphon Zero

Bulk fill plant system with zero storage loss manufactured in US.


Tank level and pressure monitoring system manufactured in US.

VHR Series

High performance storage system with industry leading hold times and a stainless steel, low maintenance outer shell. Manufactured in US.

VS High Pressure

High pressure bulk storage with high pressure building regulator and coil. Manufactured in US.


Vertical bulk storage systems manufactured in US.

VS–DSS Series

Vertical distributor storage system manufactured in US.

VSi-CO2 Series

Vertical storage integrated bulk systems for CO2 supply in outdoor installation. Manufactured in US.

VTC Series

Vertical storage tanks for CO2 and nitrous oxide manufactured in Europe for EMEAI region.

Bulk Storage Systems Technical Service Bulletins

For products manufactured in the US .

Connect with Chart

U.S. Industrial Gas Sales/Customer Service Contacts

Customer Service Americas  +1 800 400 4683

Technical Service Americas  +1 800 253 1769

European Helpdesk & Customer Service  +420 412 507 234

Chart VRV Italy  +39 039 60251

Chart VRV India  +91 8623 304700

Chart China   +86 519 8596 6000

Interesting Facts


Clean-Burning Energy

Delivering Clean Burning LNG

Each of Chart's 1000 m3 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanks provides sufficient clean-burning natural gas energy to meet the average family's demand for 500 years.