IMB Advanced Design

With >700 units in service, IMB built LABLEX® units represent >50% of the world's installed database. Advanced design eliminates the large channel cover flange and bolting associated with conventional high pressure heat exchanger designs to deliver significant reductions in size and weight.

LABLEX Advantage

Unique IMB LABLEX design provides significant maintenance advantages versus Screw-Plug exchanger closures: internal bolts aren't prone to deformation or overstressing, minimal tolerance for channel and lock ring threads for safer operation, gasket design delivers a leak tight seal even during critical transient conditions and differential thermal expansion.

One of the Biggest Ever Built

Shell ID 1981mm (78"). Weight 180 tons each. Design pressures of 179 and 200 bar on the shell and tube sides respectively. Assembled at the river port in Cremona, Italy and shipped to Saudi Arabia in a stacked condition.

Superior Aftersales

Dedicated experienced team available for training, supervision and technical assistance during start-up and commissioning, routine maintenance, debottlenecking and emergency shutdowns.

IMB Premium Jig

Hydraulically operated jig facilitates faster dismantling and reassembly. Opening the channels, removing and then reassembling or replacing the internals and reclosing the LABLEX becomes one seamless operation.


Introducing SPINTUBE™

Retrofitting a tube bundle with SPINTUBE™ is the most cost effective way of improving performance.

LUMMUS ADVANCED BREECH-LOCK EXCHANGER®  (LABLEX®) is a registered trademark of Lummus Technology, Inc.

Technical Library

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IMB Product Portfolio

IMB brochure covering LABLEX, Hairpin Exchangers, SPINTUBE and other specialty heat exchangers.

Lock Breaking Kit

IMB's lock breaking kit facilitates simpler and safer maintenance of LABLEX units.

SPINTUBE Replacement Bundles

Connect with IMB

LABLEX are engineered and built by Chart's IMB subsidiary in Bagnolo, Italy.

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