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Global Specialists

Chart subsidiary IMB specializes in the design and manufacture of specialty shell and tube heat exchangers with over 5,000 units operating in the oil, refining, chemical and petrochemical sectors.

We Understand Your Challenges

We understand the challenges of the oil and gas industry, which is why our engineers are always striving to deliver optimized heat exchanger solutions with lowest total lifecycle cost. Choose Chart and our specialty subsidiaries for thermal design optimization, enhanced mechanical features, specialty materials and proprietary equipment under licensed design.

To supplement our in-house advanced mechanical and thermal design capabilities we routinely partner with laboratories, material test houses, universities and professional institutions.

Technical Library

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IMB Product Portfolio

IMB brochure covering LABLEX, Hairpin Exchangers, SPINTUBE and specialty shell and tube heat exchangers

High Pressures

Specializing in heat exchangers up to 200 tonnes for applications that require high pressure operation even in severe service.

Specialist Metallurgy

Routine fabrication in stainless steel (including super austenitic, duplex and super duplex), titanium, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, Zirconium, low alloy and low temperature steels, Monel and Cu-Ni alloys.


HELIXCHANGER® heat exchangers facilitate helical fluid flow on the shell-side providing performance advantages versus conventional baffled shell and tube units. References include large HELIFIN® and 'Texas Tower' heat exchangers.

Heat Exchangers for Offshore

Maximizing performance while minimizing space is the most critical aspect of every offshore installation. From large hairpin heat exchanger installations to sub-sea coolers, we offer the most comprehensive selection of custom designed tubular heat exchanger products and solutions. Furthermore, our technical consultancy, training and aftermarket service is second to none.

HELIXCHANGER® is a registered trademark of Lummus Technology, Inc.

Introducing SPINTUBE™

Retrofitting a tube bundle with SPINTUBE™ is the most cost effective way of improving performance.


Connect with IMB

Chart's specialty shell and tube heat exchangers are engineered and manufactured in Italy by our IMB subsidiary.

IMB  +39 0373 237611

IMB & VRV Acquisition

The acquisition of VRV and IMB adds a range of specialty heat exchangers, reactors and vessels that extends Chart’s portfolio into upstream gas processing and refining.

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