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Founded in 2003 as an aftermarket turboexpander services provider, LAT has evolved into a leading OEM specialist providing application-specific turboexpander equipment for multiple applications. Our FX-TURBO Team provides extensive global aftermarket support and field service.



Increase productivity and revenue with a turboexpander built to generate power, process hydrocarbons and recover liquids.

Turboexpander features

L.A. Turbine turboexpander configurations include expander-compressors with either oil or active magnetic bearings (AMB), expander dynamometer (oil-brake) equipment and specialized turboexpander designs using an expander-generator or high-speed direct-drive expander generators.


Within high-speed turboexpander-compressors, high-pressure gas expands across the turbine, the energy potential in the gas is extracted and transferred through the shaft and to the compressor. The resultant pressure reduction combined with efficient energy extraction produces the refrigeration necessary for cryogenic gas.


Turboexpander-dynamometers, also referred to as an expander-dyno/oil brake, are high-speed machines composed of an expander stage loaded by an oil brake instead of a compressor or generator. The power generated by the expander is dissipated as heat in the oil brake, supported by a lube oil system that provides cooling and bearing lubrication.

Specialty Designs

L.A. Turbine offers specialized turboexpander configurations such as expander-generator and high speed direct-drive expander-generator designs used for energy recovery, power generation, and recently, a heat recovery application.







LAT turboexpanders play an important role in providing hydrogen and helium liquefaction solutions for Chart Industries' Nexus of Clean™ offerings for the clean energy transition.

Turboexpander features

LAT turboexpanders are also used in hydrocarbon processing (Dew Point Control | Ethylene | Propylene | LPG | LNG | NGL Recovery |PDH), industrial gas separation and liquefaction (Air Separation |Helium | Hydrogen| Nitrogen Liquefaction) and power recovery and generation (Geothermal | Organic Rankine Cycle | Waste Heat Recovery).


Turboexpander Configurations

Turboexpander designs include expander-compressors with active magnetic bearings (AMB) or oil bearings, expander-dynos (oil brake), expander-generators, high-speed direct-drive expander generators and specialized turboexpander machines. 


Engineering Design

Turboexpanders are highly engineered machines operating under extreme pressure, temperature and speed. To ensure each turboexpander meets the performance, flow and quality requirements, L.A. Turbine uses multiple engineering approaches in the design process. All engineering design and development processes are ISO 9001:2008 compliant.

turboexpander for ethylene

  • 3D CAD Based Design: Faster design cycles, automated drawings and bill of material generation provides faster deliveries and eliminates errors
  • 1D Meanline Analysis: In-house developed code combined with commercial software tenables LAT to perform initial sizing and confidently predict performance without time-consuming CFD analysis
  • 3D Design & Analysis: Most advanced commercial turbomachinery design and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes to analyze and predict machine performance
  • Structural Analysis: Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of critical parts ensures robust design throughout the operating range
  • Resonance Analysis: Stringent predictive structural analysis is applied to all wheel designs prior to fabrication
  • Resonance Testing: All wheels go through rigorous “ring” tests, using lightweight accelerometers paired with an impact hammer, to identify all resonant frequencies
  • Rotor Dynamics: Advanced commercial software for API-compliant rotor dynamics analysis throughout the required operating range
  • Machine Verification: Critical speeds can be verified using our Bently-Nevada ADRE® system to measure and analyze machine vibration

Oil Bearing Expander-Compressors

LAT has extensive experience building single and two-stage turboexpanders with oil bearings featuring standard sleeves or tilt pad bearings. These high-speed machines are typically used within the natural gas, petrochemical and air separation industries. 


Nexus of Clean

LAT turboexpanders play an important role in hydrogen & helium liquefaction solutions for Chart’s Nexus of Clean energy transition.

L.A. Turbine Fact Sheet

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Aftermarket Key to Growth

Hands-on experience repairing & servicing all turboexpander brands inspires innovation.

Choose Green Energy

Green energy process expander-generator drives Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) process used for green Heat Recovery System (HRS).

Rethinking Control

LAT declares war on wires by delivering ARES, the industry’s first expander-compressor with a skid-mounted AMB control system.

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L.A. Turbine Acquisition

Chart secures access to turboexpander engineering design and process expertise for key hydrogen and helium liquefaction.


Aftermarket Key to Growth

Read how LAT became a trusted aftermarket services & OEM turboexpander provider to owner/operators & EPCs.

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Resource Center

Access and download literature, specifications, case studies and more.

Advantages of Active Magnetic Bearings

When designing a turboexpander unit, the decision to use one bearing style versus another depends on many factors.

Aftermarket Service Capabilities

LAT provides the industry's highest level of aftermarket support for all turboexpanders, regardless of OEM.

ARES AMB Turboexpander

Why you should choose the ARES AMB from L.A. Turbine.

Control System Upgrades

A control system upgrade improves your ability to monitor and assess operating information, ultimately enhancing turboexpander reliability.

LAT Company Fact Sheet 2023

Quick download and keep summary of L.A. Turbine products, services and global presence.

Turboexpander Configurations & Specifications

Quick reference guide to model types and specifications. Includes information on frame sizes, flows, pressures, temperatures, wheel power and more.

Aftermarket Knowledge Drives Innovation

Learn how >20 years providing global turboexpander repair and service for OEM & non-OEM equipment is driving L.A. Turbine's aftermarket innovation and new product development. First published in CompressorTech2 (Jan/Feb 2023).

AMB Retrofits for Turboexpanders

Learn how turboexpander magnetic bearing retrofits can boost production, extend equipment life and reduce vibration in a case study co-authored by L.A. Turbine and Samsung Engineering.

Expander-Generator-Gearbox Redesign

Eight (8) non-LAT built turboexpanders were underperforming in the field. Learn how we solved the problem.

Introduction to Turboexpander Rotor Dynamics

Gain a solid understanding of turboexpander rotor dynamics. First published in Gas Processing & LNG May/June 2021 issue.

L.A. Turbine News April 2022

Learn about the ARES AMB, pick up the essential top tips for turboexpander wellness and more in this issue of our popular newsletter.

L.A. Turbine News July 2021

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LAT Commissions First ARES AMB Unit

The ARES Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) turboexpander-compressor is designed for a plant flow rate of 200 MMscfd.

Turboexpander Case Study - Ethane Recovery

LAT designed this L4000 turboexpander for ethane recovery at a 300 MMSCFD US natural gas processing plant.

Turboexpander Case Study - Ethylene Processing

Two-stage L3000 turboexpander compressor unit for ethylene processing includes high and low pressure units working in series.

Turboexpander Case Study - Repair of Non LAT Unit

Evaluation, repair and redesign of a turboexpander generator at a geothermal power plant.

Turboexpander Case Study - Repair of Non LAT Unit

For > 10 years a non LAT turboexpander-generator operated with an MTBF < 6 months and performed at half its specified capacity.

Turboexpander Fundamentals

Fundamentals of turboexpander design and operation.

Turboexpander Modification & Redesign

LAT undertook the redesign of the center section of an existing unit, located on an offshore platform, to increase gas processing capacity while also reducing overall footprint.

Turboexpander Repair & Maintenance

Turboexpander Repair and Maintenance for Sustained Performance and Profitability. Learn how maintenance and proper repair intervention contribute to sustained and increased performance and profitability.

Turboexpanders for Shale Gas Processing

LAT sends another ARES AMB unit to the Bakken Shale. First published in CompressorTech2 August-September 2021.

Turboexpanders Key to Clean Energy

LAT plays important role in hydrogen & helium solutions for Chart’s Nexus of Clean energy transition.

Aftermarket Service Capabilities

LAT provides the industry's highest level of aftermarket support for all turboexpanders, regardless of OEM.

ARES AMB (with on-skid control system)

Heat Recovery Systems

Heat normally generated and released into the atmosphere is instead captured through the system's closed loop 2-phase circuit and turns waste heat into green electricity.

Product Selector

Select the correct turboexpander size for your application by matching horsepower and mass flow.

Turboexpander Applications

LAT designs and builds turboexpanders for hydrocarbon processing, industrial gas liquefaction and power recovery and generation. Designs include expander-compressors with active magnetic bearings (AMB) or oil bearings, expander-dynos (oil brake), expander-generators, high-speed direct-drive expander generators and specialized machines. Find the correct machine for your application.

Turboexpander Configurations & Specifications

Quick reference guide to model types and specifications. Includes information on frame sizes, flows, pressures, temperatures, wheel power and more.


Turboexpander Technical Support

How to address vibration in a turboexpander equipped with active magnetic bearings.

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