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Founded in 2016 by Amy George catalyzed by the selection as a Carbon XPrize finalist, Earthly Labs vision was to capture and avoid 1 billion metric tons of CO2 from small scale emission sources. We offer a full solution including CO2 capture hardware, software, installation, and remote monitoring services – capturing the CO2, purifying, monitoring and recycling, to keep it out of the atmosphere.  With each customer, we focus on converting molecule to value, reducing emissions, reducing costs, and creating new market opportunities in the circular CO2 economy. First commercial application for our CiCi® CO2 capture technology was CO2 recovery and reuse for craft breweries; reducing CO2 emissions while reducing CO2 costs.

In 2018 the company was selected to join the ABInBev 100+ sustainability accelerator and has since deployed CiCi systems at craft breweries throughout the US. In 2020 the company demonstrated the ability for breweries to capture and sell excess CO2, providing new revenue streams for this waste. Featured on CNN, The Washington Post, Gasworld, Wine Spectator and Brewbound, the company has expanded its CO2 application to wineries and distilleries and other industrial applications. With more operating small scale systems than anyone in the world powered by a real-time IOT software network, Earthly Labs is expanding to meet the needs of more customers in more industries and more countries around the world.


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Crafting CO2 Recovery

Enabling mid-tier and craft breweries to capture and recycle CO2.

Alchemist Brewery

Carbon capture is helping Alchemist Brewery achieve their net zero objectives.


"Breweries are turning CO2 into Liquid Gold"

Beverage Master Feature

"Sustainability in Craft Brewing"

Roadhouse Brewing Video

Customer Success Story

Winery Press

Trefethen Family Vineyards adopts Earthly Labs carbon capture technology.


See how our craft brewery partners capture their CO2 emissions, purify the gas, and reuse it for carbonating and packaging their own beer. The result is a cleaner, less expensive source of a critical ingredient, a measurable improvement in the quality of their beer and enhanced safety for the workforce.

small-scale carbon capture for breweries


Enabling wineries to capture and reuse CO2 on site – from purging tanks to carbonating to conversion to dry ice. In addition, we partner with buyers or distributors to help sell CO2 to other partners in the exchange ecosystem. Chart CO2 storage solutions and winery leasing programs offer flexibility during the harvest season.

small-scale carbon capture for wineries


Many distilleries are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint or achieve net zero goals. Chart CO2 storage solutions and partner network offers opportunity to turn a waste stream into value, while reducing environmental impact.


Indoor Growing

In indoor farming environments, carbon dioxide is vital for plant growth and maximum crop yield. We partner with growers to provide natural CO,enriching plant growth and reducing CO2 costs. We are also working on other applications from extraction and beyond.

small-scale carbon capture for indoor growing

CiCi Elm

Modular design for leaders seeking to reduce, reuse, and recycle CO2 emissions.

CiCi Elm (Europe)

Information and specifications of the CiCi Elm unit adapted for sale in Europe and the UK.

CiCi Oak

Plug-and-play CO2 capture and recovery solution for craft brewers.

CiCi Oak (Europe)

Information and specifications of the CiCi Oak unit adapted for sale in Europe and the UK.

Earthly Labs- Dry Ice CO2 Recovery System

Chart’s CiCi Elm CO2 Gas Recovery System helps capturing and recovering the CO2 gas generated during dry ice production.

Earthly Labs Trifold

CiCi® enables customers to affordably capture carbon dioxide emissions with a patented purification technology that transforms a mixed gas waste stream to value, while simultaneously reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Big Storm Brewing Co. has installed a new system for capturing CO2

Article published by Tampa Bay Times.

Crafting a CO2 Closed Loop in Beer

Earthly Labs technology is enabling mid-tier and craft breweries to capture and recycle their CO2 emissions. First published in Gasworld Dec. 2023.

Hero to Net Zero-Craft Brewing

Using cryogenics for emissions reductions in craft brewing.

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