Beyond Sequestration

CCC goes beyond permanent below ground geologic storage of captured carbon by delivering liquid carbon dioxide as a usable or saleable commodity. Furthermore, CCC reduces carbon emissions by 95 to 99% with half the cost and energy of competing processes and also eliminates harmful SOx, NOx and mercury pollutants from flue gases.

Conceptually Simple and Proven Process

Cryogenic Carbon Capture technology

  • Integrates seamlessly with Chart's cryogenic liquefaction, storage and distribution technology and products
  • Captures up to 99% of emissions from natural gas, coal, cement and biomass
  • Lowest cost and easiest retrofit carbon capture technology
  • Integrated grid scale energy storage
  • Produces high purity liquid CO2

"Of all these [carbon capture] processes, I regard the CCC process to have the greatest potential." Howard Herzog, MIT Energy Initiative

Perfect Fit

CCC is a perfect fit with Chart's IPSMR® process technology, brazed aluminum heat exchangers, liquid CO2 storage tanks and transportables providing liquid CO2 for end-use applications.

Energy Storing

CCC's 'Energy Storing' implementation also enables highly efficient grid scale energy storage with better use of renewable energy sources that virtually eliminates the parasitic load during peak demand.

Easy Retrofit

CCC is a true bolt-on technology that can be fitted onto existing plants or integrated into new plants for additional energy saving benefits.

Proven in the field

SES and partners teamed up to deliver the cement industry's first integrated carbon capture pilot plant and have also conducted successful field demonstrations using natural gas, coal and bio-mass as exhaust gas sources.


Top 10 FAQs in CCC

Check out the frequently asked questions about Cryogenic Carbon Capture with responses from our expert team.

How Cryogenic Carbon Capture Works

Cryogenic Carbon Capture technology


Small-Scale Carbon Capture

Earthly Labs technology captures and repurposes carbon dioxide waste from smaller businesses, homes, and transportation that make up more than half of all CO2 emissions. With us, you reduce emissions and have a valuable product to show for it.


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Cryogenic Carbon Capture

Our carbon capture process can significantly reduce the cost of producing high purity liquid CO2 while enabling grid-scale energy storage.

Eliminating Fugitive Methane Emissions

The Kathairos Solution works with Chart's MicroBulk system to provide a continuous, unattended supply of nitrogen for pneumatic devices at off-grid oil and gas facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about Cryogenic Carbon Capture? Check out our frequently asked questions with responses from our expert team.

A Nexus of Clean Energy

First published in Global Hydrogen Review, Chart experts discuss the core cryogenic technology that connects LNG, hydrogen and carbon capture paving the way to cleaner, sustainable energy for all.

Carbon Capture and Transportation with Cryogenic Technologies

Moving large amounts of CO2 cost effectively can be achieved through liquefaction. Feature initially published in Carbon Capture Journal Mar/Apr 2023 and authored by Stephen B. Harrison, sbh4 consulting.

Cryogenic Carbon Capture Case Study

Pilot project captured carbon dioxide from flue gas at a cement factory. The 1 tonne per day of liquid carbon dioxide produced during this small-scale pilot project was re-used during the curing process for concrete, turning a waste, environmentally damaging product into a valuable commodity.

Cryogenic Carbon Capture Technology is Primed for Commercialization.

Article first published in Gasworld, April 2021.

Hero to Net Zero - Cement Production

Using Chart's Cryogenic Carbon Capture™ (CCC) to capture some of the 3.5 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from the world's cement factories.

Hero to Net Zero - Eliminating GHG at Wellheads

Chart and Kathairos Solutions have teamed up to provide solutions using cryogenics to facilitate the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions at wellheads.

The Energy Update-Q3, 2022

Newsletter bringing you the latest developments in Chart's clean energy solutions.

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