Chart China Industrial Gas

Our expansion into China began in 1996 in the city of Zhangjiagang. 

The steady success of our industrial gas products allowed us to expand again in 2005 to our present location in Changzhou, China.

To support the industrial gas market throughout Asia, we offer bulk tanks, liquid cylinders and MicroBulk.  Our industry-leading Orca™ MicroBulk distribution systems include the Orca truck, Perma-Cyl® stationary storage system and our telemetry ready Cyl-Tel® gauge.  For larger users, we have a complete line of bulk storage tanks ready for liquid or gas applications. To fill our bulk tanks, we offer various semi-trailer models for the distribution from the air separation plant to the bulk tank.

Our Chart China team is dedicated to supporting our customers in all phases of the industrial gas distribution and storage business.  Contact us today for more details.



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