Flow Instruments

Established in 1981, Flow is dedicated to the development, production and distribution of flow measurement systems across the gas industry including LNG, industrial gases, CO2, LPG, hydrogen and AdBlue.

Renowned Flow brands include:

  • DynaFlow® Flow Meter System - a dynamic density measurement system representing a step change in efficient and accurate performance versus traditional systems using a flow meter and a by-pass. The DynaFlow 3000 flow meter system is an integral component of Chart’s ATEX approved dispenser designed specifically for fast, safe and economical filling of trucks and city buses with LNG fuel.
  • Flowcom® 2000 and Flowcom® 3000 Flow Metering Systems for tanker vehicles and stationary applications offer the most accurate and reliable metering available today with many intuitive design features as standard. A lifetime guarantee on the metering section demonstrates that they’re built tough, reliable and, consequently, the brand of choice for regulated gas distribution.

Flow’s MiniBulk Distribution System (MBDS) is specifically designed for delivering CO2 to breweries and restaurants for beverage carbonation. The system fits into a regular van, which is important as the delivery sites are often located in residential areas that prohibit larger vehicles through noise and access restrictions.

Service is in our DNA and FlowMass is our most recent innovation that allows on site calibration, which means we come to you.

To find out more about our products and the best after-sales care package in the industry, including training, installation, maintenance and calibration, visit our site at www.flow-instruments.de