Delivering Your Energy Future

Chart Industries is at the heart of the energy revolution. Abundant, clean burning and less costly than distillates on an energy equivalent basis, natural gas has become the global fuel of choice as a bridge to a non-carbon future that is still decades away.

The key cryogenic stages used in mid-stream natural gas processing include nitrogen rejection, the process of removing nitrogen to meet pipeline standards, NGL recovery, which separates the high value natural gas liquids, and helium recovery; all of which are reliant on Chart products and associated process technology.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is natural gas that has been refrigerated to approx. -260°F (-162°C) and condensed. In its liquid state natural gas occupies around 1/600th the volume of its gaseous state making LNG the cost efficient solution for storage and transportation over long distances and/or where no pipeline exists. For more than 40 years Chart has pioneered the development and use of LNG and we supply equipment and solutions across the complete LNG value chain – Liquefaction, Storage, Distribution, End-use.