Axial Flow Fans (Tuf-Lite®)

Tuf-Lite fans provide the highest levels of performance, durability and efficiency in air-cooled heat exchangers, cooling towers, and air-cooled steam condensers (ACCs).

Tuf-Lite® Fans Driven By Experience

Each Tuf-Lite fan incorporates proprietary advanced composite technologies and over six decades of know-how in its design. With more than 250,000 in use worldwide, Tuf-Lite is the brand chosen by the most demanding plant operators.

Tuf-Lite® Fans Technology Based Testing

Not only do we use the latest engineering technologies, such as computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis, we perform extensive testing and have a continuous research and development program to ensure our fans perform reliably in all environments, all of the time.

Tuf-Lite® Fans Superior Construction

Tuf-Lite® are hand-laid-up molded fan blades with either epoxy resin or a specially formulated proprietary vinyl ester resin. Each blade has a different fiberglass configuration that is as a result of 60+ years of know-how and continuous improvement and innovation.


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Tuf-Lite® can be used as an OEM product or as a performance upgrade to improve plant reliability, air-flow, cooling performance, and energy efficiency. Tuf-Lite® is available with fan diameters from 5 to 40 feet.

No One Makes Fans Like Tuf-Lite® Fans

Tuf-Lite® Fans
  • Maximized strength to weight ratio
  • Maximum corrosion resistance
  • An aerodynamic twist and taper for even air flow distribution along the blade span and even horsepower loading
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smoother fan operation and minimized vibration
  • Tuf-Edge® protection
Tuf-Edge® Blade Protection

Tuf-Edge® is a specially designed proprietary vinyl ester resin that protects the fan blades and provides a UV resistant coating.

Tuf-Edge® Fan Blades
Meet The Family

Take a look at the Tuf-Lite family and then contact our engineers to determine the best option for your needs.


Tuf-Lite I

  • The original first generation
  • Created in the 1950s and still going
  • Single piece, light weight construction
  • Constructed with an epoxy resin
  • Available in 5'-40' diameters

Tuf-Lite II

  • Created in 1984
  • Unique air-foil designs which provide different performance characteristics
  • Two piece fan blade
  • Constructed of vinyl ester resin developed specifically for Hudson
  • Incorporate patented Tuf-Edge® leading edge protection
  • Stainless steel and neoprene leading edge protections available on request.
  • Exterior UV protective coatings
  • 6’ to 40’ fan diameters

Tuf-Lite III

  • Created in 2004
  • Unique air-foil designs which provide different performance characteristics
  • One piece fan blade
  • Constructed of vinyl ester resin developed specifically for Hudson
  • Incorporate patented Tuf-Edge® leading edge protection
  • Stainless steel and neoprene leading edge protections available on request.
  • Exterior UV protective coatings
  • 6’ to 30’ fan diameters

Tuf-Lite IV

Tuf-Lite IV® has been specifically developed to attain a wide range of speed applications and deliver even greater cooling performance. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology is used during engineering to ensure Tuf-Lite IV® is the most aerodynamically efficient fin in the industry. Finite element analysis (FEA) and in-house stringent testing standards ensure reliability, even in the most extreme environments and applications. Tuf-Lite IV® is produced with a vinyl ester resin developed specifically and, like the rest of the Tuf-Lite family, benefits from an industry leading 36 month warranty.

Tuf-Lite III KW®

Tuf-Lite III KW® is in a class of its own. The KW is the most versatile and highest performing fan in its class. The KW is a wide chord fan available from 11’-20’ in diameter. Due to its innovative design, it can be used to provide more air flow that is unmatched by any other fan, can be used for lower noise applications, is energy efficient, and is as reliable as all Hudson fans. The KW can be used in any 11’-20’ application and is most commonly used for air-cooled heat exchangers, field erected cooling towers, and package cooling towers


CX Ultra Low Noise

  • One of the quietest fans in the world
  • Fiberglass construction using the same resin as Tuf-Lite II and III
  • Can be used in all 7'-14' diameter fan applications

High Temperature

  • Tuf-Lite II-HT and III-HT are available for high temperature applications where the air outlet temperature in an induced draft air-cooled heat exchanger reaches 250°F continuously and 300°F intermittently
  • Constructed from a special, proprietary epoxy resin
  • Incorporate patented Tuf-Edge® leading edge protection
  • Exterior UV protective coatings
Tuf-Lite fans are the industry benchmark for low noise solutions
  • Standard noise, low noise and ultra-low noise models available
  • Available with 6’ to 14’ diameter

Consideration is given to all factors for a low noise cooler solution – it’s not just about the fan!

Tuf-Lite Fan
Tuf-Lite® for air cooled heat exchangers
  • Improved thermal duty performance by providing 15%-60% more airflow and better reliability
  • Reduced operating costs by delivering the necessary air flow performance for your thermal duty needs with a reduction in horsepower


Tuf-Lite® for cooling towers
  • Outperforms the competition and ensures that you are receiving the necessary performance and reliability that you demand from your cooling tower fan
  • Designed to withstand the most corrosive and demanding environments in the cooling tower industry.
  • The most requested axial flow fan in the field erected cooling tower market


Tuf-Lite® for air cooled condensers (ACC)
  • Ideal design and construction to handle the demanding ACC conditions
  • Withstand the high winds typical in an ACC application that cause other fans to fail.

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