Ambient Air Vaporizers

The heat provided by ambient air has the significant advantage of zero cost.

Thermax Ambient Air Vaporizer Thermax Ambient Air Vaporizer Thermax vaporizer LNG Trailer Vaporizer
Thermax Ambient Air Vaporizer Thermax Ambient Air Vaporizer Thermax vaporizer LNG Trailer Vaporizer

In the case of natural draft vaporizers there are also the benefits of zero maintenance and zero impact on the environment. In addition to natural draft vaporizers, air can be forced by fans to increase heat transfer rates and minimize required plot area. Disposal vaporizers use a jet of air to vaporize off-spec oxygen, nitrogen or argon and return it to the atmosphere as a gas. Ambient air vaporizers can be used to vaporize nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2, ammonia, chlorine, LNG, ethelene and all other cryogens and liquefied gases.

Thermax provides a wide variety of Ambient Air Vaporizers to match any application. The workhorse of the product line is the SuperGap vaporizer. These are constructed of an array of finned aluminum extrusions with a 12-inch center to center spacing providing for extended ice growth. The Ice Rack vaporizer is built specifically as a precursor to standard vaporizers to accumulate ice. Megafins, with a sixteen fin profile, provide the largest surface area per foot on the market. Stainless/Monel/brass lined units are available for high pressure and special applications. Standard units are available for up to 200,000 SCFH.

Fan Ambient Vaporizers reduce the amount of plot area required by natural draft vaporizers by adding an electrically powered fan(s). A natural draft vaporizer matrix is enclosed in an aluminum shroud with a fan(s) mounted on top. Air is forced down through the duct, increasing heat transfer. Controls include a motor starter and an auto-start thermoswitch. Dual defrostable units are available for continuous operation. Standard units are available to a 1 hr peak flow of 250,000 SCFH.

Fan Air Disposal Vaporizers are used to exhaust vaporized cryogens into the atmosphere. A stream of air is generated by a fan and propelled upward through an aluminum duct. Liquid cryogen is injected into the air stream, causing evaporation and mixing with the warmer air. A motor starter and autostart controls are included as standard. Standard units are available up to 50,000 lbs/hr.

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