Circulating Water Vaporizers

Plant cooling water, seawater, once-through river water, or a closed loop water/glycol system can be used to vaporize cryogenic fluids with these units.

Water temperatures as low as 45°F are used in Thermax designs. Since these vaporizers are generally added to an existing water system, there are no additional power requirements with a corresponding significant energy savings. In addition in some cases the cooling effect from vaporizing the cryogen can be used elsewhere in the plant. Circulating water vaporizers can be used to vaporize various cryogens and liquefied gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2, ammonia, chlorine, LNG and ethelene to name a few.

Cold Circulating Water Vaporizers use an existing water source for vaporization. Water flows on the shell side of a shell and U-tube heat exchanger. The cryogen is vaporized and superheated through a stainless steel tube bundle that is fit with proprietary vortex generators. Both the shell and tube bundle can be fabricated of exotic materials to handle the most problematic cryogens. Standard units are available for up to 10 MSCFH.

Cryo-Coils offer a compact solution to vaporization. Stainless steel Vortex Flow Vaporizer coils are fit into a shell to provide counter current flow with a fluid (water)stream. The counter current flow increases heat transfer and reduces the required amount of surface area. These units are also used as coolers to chill temperature control unit fluids such as Syltherm and Dowtherm. Standard units are available to 6,000 lbs/hr CO2.

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