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With a heritage stretching back more than 75 years Chart Ferox, located in the Czech Republic city of Decin, perfectly encapsulates Chart's tagline.

Our focus is on supplying equipment for the cryogenic storage and distribution of liquefied gases, including air gases (nitrogen, oxygen, argon), carbon dioxide (CO2), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other hydrocarbons. Today the portfolio extends far beyond the standard and custom engineered cryogenic storage tanks that Ferox is synonymous with.

While cryogenic storage and distribution solutions for air gases (nitrogen, oxygen, argon) remain a core competency, Chart Ferox is paving the way for the adoption of LNG as a safe, economic and green alternative to diesel in Europe and beyond and recent firsts include:

  • LNG multi-functional receiving terminals including jetty bunkering, filling hubs for road trailers and rail cars and regasification unit to cover local energy demand
  • Bunkering and LNG fueling systems for marine vessels
  • LNG virtual pipeline - bringing natural gas to areas not connected to the grid
  • Developing the fueling infrastructure for natural gas vehicles
  • Nitrogen vaporization and storage packages for floating LNG (FLNG)
  • In a JV with VTG, Chart Ferox has developed a rail car for the safe transportation of LNG on Europe’s rail network



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