Corporate Responsibility

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

Warren Buffet

As a responsible corporate citizen our belief is that financial performance and responsibility for our environment, our employees and the global communities we touch are inextricably linked.

Chart is committed to:

  • minimizing the adverse environmental impact of our products, our operations and our supply chain
  • providing a safe working environment, learning opportunities and career growth for all our employees
  • a code of ethics and accountability in all markets so we can be safe in the knowledge that we compete against others solely on our merits 


Have you noticed when you walk in the sand you leave footprints that can take a long time to disappear?

It’s the same in business where every process can leave a long-lasting impression on the environment. In addition to headline accreditations, such as ISO 14001, Chart has implemented a series of environmental initiatives designed to ensure that we always tread lightly and carefully.

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We are proud of our people who volunteer their time, talent and energy to engage with community projects and make life a little better for those less fortunate.

At any moment in time Chart employees across the globe are assisting their local community, or helping out their less fortunate brothers and sisters in other parts of the world through participation in charitable initiatives and with not for profit organizations. 

Chart Supports Local School Programs

Cherokee High School names Chart Partner of the year.Chart is interested in supporting the next generation of engineers and supports a number of local school programs, including Cherokee High School's growing welding program for which our Canton, GA facility was recognized by the Cherokee County School District as the 2015/16 Partner of the Year. We look forward to seeing what these talented students will accomplish.

Canton GA - Angel House Donation

Chart Corporate Social Responsibility Representatives from Chart Industries in Canton, GA presented a check to North Georgia Angel House for a donation of $3,250. Thanks to all of the Chart employees who helped raise money for this local charity!

The North Georgia Angel House is a room, board and watchful oversight provider that provides short and long term care to females ages 11 to 18, and transitional services to those over 18. Their primary function is to give girls the skills necessary to reach emancipation and succeed.


Steppin' Out In Pink 2015

Chart Corporate Social Responsibility - Employees from La Crosse Congratulations to the employees in La Crosse who not only walked but also raised over $7000 for Steppin’ Out in Pink, a charity that supports breast cancer research and services. Amongst the fund-raising initiatives was a raffle to cut off Kirk Olson’s pony-tail. Maddie a 6 year old stepped forward to do the cutting. She was definitely up for this one, just look at her expression. A huge “Well Done” to the committee for the organization and to both Kirk and Maddie for being great sports.


Social Engagement - Ferox style

Chart Corporate Social Responsibility - Employees from FeroxOur Ferox facility, located in the city of Decin in the Czech Republic, has a proud history of social engagement in the local community. Each year proceeds from the Christmas party are donated to an orphanage in nearby Ceska Kamenice and Ferox employees also donate their time working, alongside the children, in the orphanage’s garden, as well as participating in other fund-raising events for local hospitals and charities.

The company sports’ day is a popular event and every 2 years Ferox opens its doors to families and friends. Employees are also quick to respond to a friend in need and have recently raised money for the families of injured and bereaved colleagues and those rendered homeless by disastrous floods.


Chart Industries New Iberia Employees Participate in Walk for Breast Cancer

Chart Corporate Social Responsibility – employees from New Iberia facility Employees from Chart’s cold box facility in New Iberia, LA participating in a local charity event for breast cancer awareness.





It is of critical importance that we protect and preserve our reputation as an honest, ethical and fair company to work for and to do business with, and that every person, regardless of position or location, shares in our responsibility for promoting a positive and safe environment.

Sam Thomas,  Former Chairman, CEO & President

Ethics training is mandatory for employees and as part of our Code of Ethics we provide channels for reporting concerns or policy breaches.