Delivering Liquid CO2

Take control of your CO2 distribution with the Orca™ CO2 Series MicroBulk Delivery System. Our Vertical Liquid Carbon Dioxide Delivery System (VLCD) is an affordable alternative to deliver Bulk CO2.

Ideal for tank installation start-ups, emergency deliveries and remote operations, the VLCD provides a convenient and safe operation for metered deliveries. The VLCD Delivery System is also a great way to get started in the Bulk CO2 business.

The system is mounted in a secure mobile pallet base with all the interconnecting piping and controls that are easily accessible by the driver. Heat management of the liquid CO2 is controlled with a vacuum-insulated jacket for long hold times in periods of non-use, and external pressure-building systems for fast pressure recovery.

Chart owns and maintains the Department of Transportation (DOT) Special Permit SP-14424 for you to dispense liquid CO2 from aboard a parked vehicle. You can access a copy of this permit by clicking on this DOT Special Permits Search link.

The Orca™ CO2 Series MicroBulk Delivery System is designed to fill the Carbo-Mizer® and Carbo-Max® Bulk CO2 Systems and the Perma-Max™ MicroBulk CO2 System.   The Orca CO2 unit provides you with a safe, efficient, and reliable delivery unit for years to come.  The stainless steel inner vessel on the Orca CO2 delivery unit is protected by a high quality vacuum with super insulation for minimal heat transfer. This insulation system eliminates just-in-time filling and provides colder CO2 necessary for a single-hose, no loss fill to the storage vessel. To maintain a high delivery pressure from stop to stop, the Orca CO2 delivery unit incorporates a dedicated diesel-fired glycol-based pressure builder system.