MicroBulk Systems

At Chart Industries, we dig deep to understand the end-user gas applications and how our customers distribute packaged gases including liquid oxygen and argon.

Because we have a passion for continuous improvement, we developed the MicroBulk market. Today, we continue to share this passion with our customers in driving down the costs of packaged gas distribution.  Along with streamlining this molecule chain, we improved safety, convenience and the gas quality, across the board.

Always upgrading and integrating the latest technologies into our Orca™ MicroBulk products keeps our customers at the forefront of the MicroBulk market. 

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Orca MicroBulk Systems Highlights:

  1. Liquefied gases are delivered to the customer's facility with the Orca MicroBulk Delivery System. Key controls and components on the Orca System allow the driver to safely and quickly deliver the proper amount of liquid accurately to the Perma-Cyl® MicroBulk Storage System or small bulk tanks. When connected to the Perma-Cyl tank, the delivery is automatically terminated for a safe and reliable single-hose fill.
  2. With our exclusive ‘Build Your Own Perma-Cyl System Program’, the tank and controls can be specified to match the application and distributors requirements for optimal value. When the Perma-Cyl Storage System is installed indoors, an external wall box can be added for remote filling. This allows the gas delivery to safely take place without the driver entering the building in most installations. The Perma-Cyl tank can also be stored outdoors.
  3. The liquefied gases are stored at ultra-cold temperatures in the vacuum-insulated Perma-Cyl System, designed for minimum heat loss. Customized controls for the application on the Perma-Cyl System maintain the vessel at the proper delivery pressure to deliver gas or liquid on demand.
  4. The Cyl-Tel® liquid level gauge is mounted on the Perma-Cyl tank to accurately measure the cryogenic liquid level, and its telemetry ready for remote monitoring or connecting to customer monitoring systems.
  5. Telemetry systems allow the gas supplier to remotely monitor the Perma-Cyl System liquid level to maximize delivery efficiency to the end-user without the risk of product outages.

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