Dosing Craft Beer? Oh Yes You Can

The craft beer industry is growing at a rapid rate and is showing no signs of slowing anytime soon. You have joined the craft brew business and opened a successful brewpub.

UltraDoserThanks to Chart Industries carbon dioxide (CO2) bulk tank and vacuum insulated hoses, your brewery is equipped with the ability to blend different gases to make quality beers such as American IPAs or even a nitrogen (N2)-infused stout that you are eagerly wanting to distribute to the craft beer market.

Business is good; however, you are a true entrepreneur and think on a larger scope. To date, craft beer comprises 10 percent of total beer sold in the United States. You want a share and decide to bottle your own beer and distribute it to stores in your area and eventually grow your brand similar to what Jim Koch accomplished with his Boston Beer Company in the 1980s.

Chart can help, by implementing the UltraDoser® system into your brewery assembly line. The UltraDoser system is the multi-purpose, LN2 dosing system that dispenses a precise dose of LN2 into every container, every time, just before the can or bottle is sealed.

How it works

The LN2 is stored in a Chart manufactured liquid gas cylinder, which has set the industry standard with its 7 year vacuum warranty and a state-of-the-art insulation technology that helps increase hold time and allows your brewery business to run more efficiently than if you were using a competitor’s tank.

The LN2 travels from the cylinder to the UltraDoser unit by a vacuum insulated hose and flows into the dosing head. The vacuum insulated hose helps maintain the temperature of the LN2 and prevents boil off or leakage. A sensor detects the speed of the production line, and a second sensor detects the presence of a container. The dosing head opens and dispenses the exact amount of pure LN2. The exact amount of LN2 is determined by the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which is the brains behind integrating the sensors, controls and human interface.

The UltraDoser system is compatible with any production line and able to be programmed to deliver a precise, consistent, accurate dose or to a discrete dosing, which can dose up to 2,000 containers a minute. The brewer also can remotely monitor and troubleshoot the system, which eliminates downtime on the production line and keeps the beer flowing and profits rising.

Why do I want this?

The doser provides two major benefits for the brewer: preservation and pressurization. LN2 dosing, just prior to sealing, helps enhance the shelf life of your product. The LN2 displaces the oxygen in the headspace of the container. Although oxygen is required for the birth of the beer, even a small amount of it is a detriment to the finished product. Oxygen spoils the long-term stability of your beer and ruins the taste. Long shelf life allows the brewer to distribute his or her product further from the brewery, increasing his geographical footprint.

The dosed can is pressurized too. This allows the six-packs to be better stored and shipped easily around the nation. It also is cost-effective. Removal of oxygen cuts down on the weight of the individual can. That may not seem like a great deal of weight loss, but over time, it adds up and can save more than a million dollars in the long run.

While the craft beer revolution has focused on glass bottles, many breweries have elected to move toward canning and using 16-ounce cans to differentiate themselves from the macro-brewing giants, who use 12-ounce containers. The cans also provide a larger surface area available for elaborate branding design. Chart’s dosing apparatus makes this possible.

So whether going with the traditional bottling or trending toward the 16-ounce beer can, Chart’s dosing technology can deliver the right amount of LN2 to preserve and protect your product.

Don’t delay, contact a Chart customer service representative today and let’s deliver your brews to the masses.

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