The Smithco name and its Amercool Division have long been associated with design and manufacture of dependable, long-lasting, air cooled heat exchangers serving the specialized needs of natural gas processing and transmission facilities, power generation and other heavy industries.

Smithco ACHX

Wide range of custom-built units including:

  • Motor-driven horizontal units (forced and induced draft)
  • Engine-driven horizontal units (forced draft)
  • Engine-driven vertical units (forced and induced draft)
  • Motor-driven vertical units (forced and induced draft)

Manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Header box fabrication with plug boxes, split headers for higher process temperatures, and removable covers
  • L-tension, embedded, and extruded fintubes
  • Fan diameters from 24" to 168"
  • Pressure sections are ASME code-compliant and designed to withstand pressures from 150 to 11,150 PSIG
  • Structural components are designed to insure the mechanical integrity of the air-cooled heat exchanger
  • Each unit is assembled and tested at our facility prior to shipment to ensure product quality and ease of installation

Chart acquired Smithco in 2018 and incorporated it into our portfolio alongside other leading brands. To find out more visit our air cooled heat exchangers homepage.

Smithco’s reputation as a total solutions provider with complete service and support is even stronger post acquisition. To find out more visit our Service Center & Aftermarket section.