Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers dominate the plots of refineries, petrochemical complexes, natural gas processing facilities and power plants, so consider this:

  • The loss of just 0.01% of daily production due to incomplete condensing means > $1.25MM* of product flared
  • A low cost fan performing 25% less efficiently than purported on the specification sheet can cost you $0.5MM* in increased energy costs
  • Superior fans and bearings can contribute > $0.4MM* in lifecycle maintenance cost savings

* Assuming a 20 year plant life of a single cooler bay in a mega energy project

Air cooled heat exchangers manufactured by Chart's Hudson brand

Through the acquisitions of Hudson Products and Air-X-Changers, Chart has brought together trusted leaders for delivering heat transfer solutions and through our Hudson, Smithco, Air-X-Changers, Hammco and Cooler Service Company brands, the industry’s most comprehensive air cooled heat exchanger portfolio across a broad range of applications.

Services Chart's Brands Provide


Fin-Fan Logo Fin-Fan™ isn’t the generic industry term for an air cooled heat exchanger, it’s our trademark. We forged our reputation more than 75 years ago pioneering the technology to solve urgent production problems in the field and we’ve never lost that passion for finding ingenious, cost-effective solutions for our customers.


Tuf-Lite LogoCorrosion resistant fiber glass reinforced polyester (FRP) axial flow fans providing the highest levels of performance, durability and efficiency in air-cooled heat exchangers, cooling towers and air-cooled steam condensers (ACCs).
Visit our Tuf-Lite page to learn more.

Through our brands, Chart boasts a rich heritage of innovation and continuous improvement, hundreds of patented designs and hundreds of thousands of products hard at work in plants around the globe.


No project is too large, or too small, with a range of customized options available.

  • Bundle Configuration – horizontal / vertical / sloped)
  • Fan Configuration – horizontal / vertical
  • Draft Type – forced / induced
  • Temperature Control - variable speed fans / variable pitch fans / air recirculation / louvers
  • Construction – shop or field
  • Fan drive – engine or electric
  • Proprietary winterization designs
  • Solutions for low ambient temperatures
  • Solutions for viscous or high pour-point fluids
  • Ultra-high pressure serpentine coil design

Air Cooler Mega Unit

Superior Design & Engineering

Leading edge design and a fully streamlined system for maximum accuracy and responsiveness from quotation to delivery.

  • In-house proprietary software
  • AspenOne
  • HTRI
  • RISA 3-D structural analysis
  • Finite element analysis


FEA imagery
CFD imagery

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


  • Engineering services which predict site-specific air behavior minimizing potential hot air recirculation
  • Allows for proper cooler layout especially for multi-bay applications
  • Especially effective for condenser applications with close approach temperatures



Safety Is Always #1

Our priority is ensuring that our employees return home safe at the end of the day, every day! The safety slogan competition is an annual tradition at our Tulsa facility that conveys a serious message in a fun way.

Safety is Job #1 at Chart Industries

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Use the links below to find out about the most extensive service and after-sales packages for all air coolers, regardless of OEM. Check out our 101 section to understand efficient air cooler design, visit our Technical Library or see how fitting Tuf-Lite® fans delivers optimum performance, efficiency and durability.

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