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LNG Vehicle Fueling Stations

Using natural gas to fuel vehicles reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 30% versus conventional liquid fuels

on-board lng tanks on-board lng tanks on-board lng tanks
on-board lng tanks on-board lng tanks on-board lng tanks

LNG Value Chain

Chart vehicle fueling stations are dedicated to safely and reliably delivering fuel for all natural gas vehicles (NGV) and fleets. LNG, including liquid biogas (LBG), is typically used for heavy duty vehicles such as trucks, buses and special handling vehicles, and CNG for passenger cars and vans.

We offer a complete range of sizes, from private, relocatable stations through to ones with multiple dispensers open to both the public and fleet operators. All stations are offered with a comprehensive package of options enabling the customer to tailor according to individual requirements. Modular design permits multi-stage investment and expansion according to capacity requirements.

Permanent Fueling Stations

Chart permanent stations are structurally similar to gasoline and diesel stations and both types deliver liquid fuel. However, because LNG is stored and dispensed as a super-cooled liquid it requires Chart specialty cryogenic equipment, technology and expertise. Safety, reliability, the environment and total cost of ownership are paramount and our designs incorporate a number of associated features. The stations offer fully automated operation, remote control access and are loaded with our latest technology for maximum accuracy and operational comfort.

An additional CNG module can be incorporated to offer the complete natural gas fueling service for LNG, CNG and bio-gas vehicles.

Chart provides a full turnkey package including engineering, equipment manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning.

LNG Fueling Station

Chart has recently launched two new fueling stations designed specifically for the European market to serve the complete range of natural gas vehicles in compliance with Euro VI requirements:

  • Compact 3in1 comprises a single storage concept resulting in an overall footprint of just 3.8 x 3.8m, which is 3.5 times smaller than a standard station
  • Horizontal Compact introduces horizontal storage tanks and is the optimum solution for areas of high habitation or other locations where local planning regulations include height restrictions and/or a vertical storage tank could present a hazard or nuisance.

Principal features of both stations include:

  • Saturation on the Fly (SoF) technology eliminates the cool down process to deliver an immediate fueling response
  • Recognize cold or warm LNG vehicles and refuel both compression and spark ignited engines
  • Overall refuelling time consistent with that for equivalent diesel vehicles
  • Integrated module for fueling biogas and CNG fuelled vehicles
  • Chart Vacuum Technology®, proprietary vacuum insulated pipe and minimized inter-connecting pipework improve heat management and eliminate the need for additional nitrogen cooling
  • Supplied factory CE marked
  • Minimized installation and commissioning with zero at site welding
  • Cellular remote monitoring with control and diagnostics through standard smart devices

Skidded LNG Fueling Stations

The Skidded LNG Fueling Station range is targeted at vehicle fleet bases, remote locations, small ports and also provides an excellent temporary fueling solution. Chart’s full service scope includes engineering, equipment manufacture and final mechanical and electrical assembly. All station components are mounted on just twin skids to facilitate transport and site work; with commissioning; and “Plug and Play” installation typically completed inside two days. Like their permanent counterparts, the stations offer fully automated operation, remote control access, are loaded with our latest technology, and are equipped to offer a complete fueling service for all LNG vehicles and vessels.

Mobile LNG Fueling Stations

Mobile solutions are based on Chart’s Orca cryogenic tanker that has been safely, economically and reliably delivering liquid gases for more than 20 years. Typically capable of fueling up to 15 vehicles per day, mobile fueling is an ideal entry level solution for start-up and test projects and also for site vehicle fleets, for example in mining, rock quarries and ports.

The LNG MicroFueler utilizes a palletized, transportable liquid cylinder to provide a simple and convenient solution for LNG storage and associated fueling and defueling of LNG vehicle tanks. This independent and fully portable unit uses a differential pressure system, is simple to operate and ideally suited to start-up projects and as an emergency stand-by in case of a vehicle defect.

On-Board Vehicle Fuel Systems

Chart offers on-board LNG vehicle fuel tanks and systems to support modern spark-ignite or dual-fuel compression-ignition engines.

Tanks are manufactured in the US and Europe in accordance with applicable international design codes and quality standards.

fueling an lng vehicle

lng vehicle fuel tank

We are also developing hydrogen fueling systems for the next generation of green vehicles.

To learn more visit Vehicle Fueling Systems

LNG Dispensers

Chart offers DynaFlow® through our Flow Instruments subsidiary. This technologically advanced dispenser delivers LNG fuel to trucks and city buses accurately, quickly and reliably. The system includes a mass flow meter embedded in a liquid reservoir, temperature sensors and electronics. The unique design of the DynaFlow 3000 provides an accurate flow measurement by dynamically measuring the density of the LNG in real time – it has no moving parts and no diversion of metered flow.

LNG Dispensers