SPINTUBE™ Replacement Bundles

Retrofitting a conventional tube bundle with SPINTUBE is the most cost effective and simple way of improving the performance of your heat exchanger fleet.

Spintube replacement tube bundles

  • Can be applied to any TEMA shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Up to 40% improvement thermal performance
  • Improved hydraulic performance (reduced shell-side pressure drop)

SPINTUBE eliminates potentially damaging flow induced vibrations.

Inspection and cleaning techniques are the same as those used for conventional shell and tube heat exchangers for a completely seamless transition.


  • Crude preheat trains
  • Cooler trains (e.g. amine service)
  • Condensers
  • Reboilers and vaporizers
  • Feed-effluent exchangers
    • Horizontal, high pressure (e.g. hydrocracker)
    • Vertical (e.g. Texas Towers)
  • Compressor gas coolers

How does SPINTUBE work?

The round tube of a conventional shell and tube heat exchanger has a uniform cross-section that is less effective for heat transfer perfromance. Because of the tangential velocity component, Spintube introduces additional turbulence.

Spintube can improve heat exchanger performance by 40%

With Spintube the tubes are in direct contact with each other, which produces a tighter tube pitch (more tubes per shell) and are also self-supporting, which eliminates baffles.

IMB Lummus Advanced Breech-Lock Exchanger

Consequently, retro-fitting an existing shell with a SPINTUBE replacement bundle may increase heat transfer performance by up to 40%.

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