CO2 Beverage Systems for Small Restaurants, Bars & Grills - Case Study

Chart is committed to providing its customers with the best beverage equipment solution for their specific application and is proud to offer the Carbo-Mite® 220 Bulk CO2 System as another option for beverage CO2 distributors.


Distributor 1 is located in San Antonio, Texas, has been in operation since 1965, and enjoys strong customer loyalty based on excellent customer service and product knowledge.

Distributor 2 started servicing bulk CO2 and beverage gas systems in the State of Washington in 1987 by focusing their efforts on offering the very best in beverage gas equipment, with expert knowledge and superior service.

Distributor 3 is serving Southern California, was established in 1963, and bases its business on quality service with competitive prices from a staff that is always eager to help.


High-pressure liquid CO2 storage tanks are expensive and cumbersome to switch out for low-volume users and there were few cost-effective options for Chart beverage CO2 distributors to market to locally-owned, under 60 lb/month CO2 users.


Provide a low-pressure, lower-cost option for low-volume users, such as smaller restaurants, bars, convenience stores, delis, and concession stands.


Chart’s Carbo-Mite 220 bulk liquid CO2 storage container is specifically designed for sites currently using small 20 to 50 lb high-pressure cylinders.

This revolutionary design provides all the benefits of bulk storage and has a low evaporation rate that minimizes evaporation loss during periods of low usage. The tank is designed to efficiently hold product up to six months between refills for accounts using 1 to 2 lbs of CO2 per day.

Many benefits of the Carbo-Mite 220 Bulk CO2 Tank include…

  • Safe, low operating pressure
  • Enhanced drink quality
  • Added back-room security
  • Does away with the need for changing out high-pressure cylinders
  • Eliminates running out of CO2 during peak rush periods
  • Peak flow rate of 1.5 lb/hour
  • Allows indoor or outdoor installation
  • Reduced floor requirements with a compact unit (40" high x 20" diameter)
  • A built-in stainless steel external vaporization coil
  • Stainless steel handling ring to protect plumbing
  • The new generation Roto-Tel Liquid Level Gauge
  • Optional 6" legs to meet sanitation requirements


Your company can experience INCREASED SALES AND PROFITS as a result of adding the Carbo-Mite 220 Bulk CO2 Tank to your portfolio because it will …

  • Increase your customer base with a unit built and targeted for 60 lb/month or less usage market, which is currently a lost market for most Chart CO2 distributors.
  • Allow you to offer a unit that has been well received by low-volume restaurants, bars, convenience stores, delis, and concession stands in other markets of similar size.
  • Provide an investment payback of less than 3 years.
  • Reduce your long-term distribution cost with less fill stops by eliminating CO2 loss (with maximum account size CO2 use of 1 to 2 lbs per day).
  • Let you provide your new customers a proven, quality product, from a top-rated manufacturer.
  • Eliminate the need to charge both unit rental and CO2 usage, with a flat-rate option for your customers.