The Carbo-Mizer Bulk CO2 storage system is the flagship series of our beverage systems.


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Serving a variety of markets and usage requirements, Carbo-Series Bulk CO2 systems meet the unique demands of every customer. Carbo-Series systems eliminate run-outs, allowing your accounts to focus on customer sales rather than operations. All models are constructed of high-grade stainless steel for food-grade compatibility and long service life and backed by our industry-leading 7-year vacuum warranty.

The Carbo-Mite® 220 Bulk CO2 System is a new generation bulk liquid CO2 storage container designed for the small 20/50 lb. high-pressure cylinder user. The revolutionary design and construction of the Carbo-Mite tank provides all the benefits of bulk storage with no gas losses between refills up to six months apart.

Carbo-Mizer® Bulk CO2 System tanks are available in sizes ranging from 300 to 750 and offer an affordable alternative to high-pressure cylinders. Each Carbo-Series tank is equipped with a proprietary vacuum maintenance system to ensure optimized long-term performance. Unique to the market, this feature offers greater efficiency over longer periods of time.

The Carbo-Max® Bulk CO2 System is available as either a 750 or 1000 High Flow System to meet the demands of high volume customers. A first in the beverage market, this system offers the capacity and flow rates necessary for high volume users such as: stadiums, brew pubs, cineplexes and microbreweries.

Carbo Series systems can reliably improve botanical yields.

  • Better climate control vs. CO2 generators which produce heat and increase humidity
  • Safer with no open flames and no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

Perma-Max™ MicroBulk CO2 Systems Applications

  • Carbo-Mite®, Carbo-Mizer® and Carbo-Max® Bulk CO2 System tanks
  • Carbo-Mite® 220 Bulk CO2 System Tank
  • Carbo-Mizer® 450 Bulk CO2 System Tank
  • Carbo-Max® 750 Bulk CO2 System Tank

NSF Food Equipment Certification

NSF Food Equipment Certification

The entire line of Carbo Series beverage CO2 tanks are certified to meet NSF International (NSF) standards, supporting growing global food safety initiatives within the beverage industry.

NSF has been established for more than 70 years and is an accredited, independent third-party certification body that tests and certifies products to verify they meet their public health and safety standards. It serves more than 170 countries worldwide.

The Carbo-Mizer®, Carbo-Max® and Carbo-Mite® family of Bulk CO2 Systems meet this higher food grade standard and proudly bear the NSF label on the tanks.

The NSF label provides:

  • Third party certification that the products meet recognized food safety standards
  • Documented compliance through random manufacturing facility audits
  • Standardized NSF grade components on food contact surfaces
  • Global recognition by regulatory and public health authorities
  • Compliance with other industry food safety guidelines such as the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) documents

The upgraded Carbo Series tanks also include:

  • Instrument grade isolation valves, rated for a 10,000 cycle life
  • Telemetry ready, optional liquid level gauges
  • 7 year vacuum warranty
  • Literature

Literature Includes: