GeN2 Nitrogen Generator

The preferred solution for reliable and continuous gas delivery for draft beer systems.

 Dispensing draft beer with a mixed gas blend of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) helps ensure the correct presentation and flavor. Quality draft beer requires a precise, consistent supply of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide. Chart’s GeN2® Series Nitrogen Generator coupled with a Carbo- Mizer® Bulk CO2 tank is the ideal system to provide the correct blended gas mix. This system provides a reliable, uninterrupted flow of individual or mixed gas and eliminates the need to change out smaller high pressure cylinders. The GeN2 system brings industry-leading technology to the nitrogen generator for dependable, accurate, and cost effective operation.

  • Proven, continuous flow rate, rotary PSA system provides quick response to surge demands and eliminates the need for a large capacity nitrogen storage tank
  • Long-life heavy duty compressor is easy to maintain
  • Integrated 5 gallon surge tank reduces footprint and simplifies installation
  • Double hinged doors provide easy access for routine maintenance
  • Self diagnostic system assists service technicians with scheduled maintenance and repairs
  • Sleek modern look
Nitrogen Purity 99.8% (<0.2% O2)
Nitrogen Output >7 sipm avg (14.8 scfh)
Kegs per hour 9 (sustained)
Pints per minute 19 (sustained)
Electrical 110v 10 amps
External Tank Size not applicable
Internal Tank Size 5 gallons
Number of Blends 2 (70% CO2 & 25% CO2 standard)
Case Size (inches) 44 x 26 x 17 (H x W x D)
Case Weight (lbs) 160


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