These case studies provide examples of application-focused solutions utilizing bulk cryogenic storage tanks.

Siphon Liquid Supply for Fill Plants – Rockford Industrial Welding Supply, Inc.
Rockford Industrial Welding Supply, Inc. is located in Rockford, IL and is an independent distributor of welding supplies ( read more…)

Siphon Liquid Supply for Fill Plants – Central Welding Supply Company
Central Welding Supply Company, located in Marysville, WA, is a major distributor of welding supplies and ( read more…)

Liquid Nitrogen for Natural Gas Dilution
This major electric and gas utility company includes businesses of regulated electric and natural gas utility operations and other ( read more…)

VSCO2 Bulk Tank with Super Insulation
Chart is committed to providing its customers with the best cryogenic equipment solution for their specific application and ( read more...)

Liquid Oxygen Supply for Ozone Generation
New water treatment plant designed to double the area’s water output from 4 to 8 million gallons per day. Pre-treatment of water ( read more…)

Liquid Carbon Dioxide Supply for Water Treatment Municipality
A Water Treatment Plant (WTP) located in Georgia, with liquid CO2 to be used as part of the arsenic removal process on a new build facility. ( read more…)

Dry Ice Pellet Manufacturing
Liquid Carbon Dioxide is typically stored in a pressure vessel at 250 psig saturation. The piping from the ( read more…)

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