Cryogenic Tanks

Complete range of cryogenic storage tanks and solutions delivering proven reliability, reduced maintenance, and lowest cost of ownership for the full spectrum of liquefied gases.

Bulk Storage Tanks

  • Complete range of tank sizes from 1500* to 264,000 US gallons (6,000 to 1,000,000 liters) at maximum allowable working pressures between 175 and 500 psig (12 and 37 barg)
  • Horizontal and vertical configurations
  • Perlite or Composite Super Insulation™ system, which ensures high thermal performance, extended hold times, low life-cycle costs and low weight for reduced operational and installation costs
  • Double jacketed construction comprising:
    • Stainless steel inner vessel
    • Carbon steel outer shell with integrated support and lifting system for simplified transport and installation
    • Durable coating that provides maximum corrosion resistance and meets environmental compliance standards
  • Modular piping systems combine high performance, durability and low maintenance
    • Reduced number of joints minimizes the risk of external leaks and facilitates simplified installation
    • Easy access to control valves and instrumentation
  • A comprehensive range of safety features afford maximum protection to operators and equipment
  • Meet seismic requirements
  • Engineered, manufactured and tested in accordance with all major international design codes and associated regional requirements
  • Unrivalled engineering and manufacturing capacity
  • World class facilities strategically located in centers of demand  

* a smaller capacity 900 US gallon (3,400 liter) capacity tank is available as standard from our European facilities and a 792 US gallon (3,000 liter) capacity tank is built in India.

Chart horizontal cryogenic tanks

Engineering and manufacturing facilities in North America, Czech Republic, China, Italy and India. All facilities provide the same high quality engineered products, service packages and accessories with single source accountability and Chart's best in class service.

Chart acquired VRV and continues to offer VRV product lines, including the Eagle range of cryogenic tanks.

Chart VRV cryogenic storage tanks

Each Chart tank is engineered with a high-degree of standardization for cost efficient production and to keep delivery times short. A range of bolt-on modular options ensure that our standard tanks cater for >95% of customer requirements. Further customization available on request.


custom engineered cryogenic storage tank

Options and Accessories

Optmize your liquid storage and gas delivery system:

  • Vaporizers - complete range of vaporizers including the Thermax brand
  • Vacuum Insulated Pipe - Chart VIP delivers superior thermal efficiency over traditionally insulated pipe options. Choose from Python® VIP that uses pre-engineered modules for reduced cost and schedule, or Engineered to Order VIP for a fully customized solution
  • OnSite™ Telemetry System - integrated telemetry solution that provides distributors with remote access to levels, pressures and other system information at customer locations via internet. Centralized reports, information management tools and fleet routing and scheduling software further streamline operations
  • Tank-Tel® Liquid Level Gauge - digital, hands-free monitoring solution

Cyl-Tel cryogenic telemetry system

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