Small-Scale LNG Liquefaction

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Dedicated LNG production facility open for business 24/7 throughout the year. Principally committed to providing LNG as an alternative fuel to diesel for high-horsepower engines operating in the oilfield; the plant also offers high quality LNG for growing local merchant use.

Project Background:

Chart was requested to provide the complete production plant package including liquefaction, storage and loading.

Plant Features:

  • Chart C100N standard LNG plant
  • Natural gas liquefaction capacity of 100,000 gallons per day (165 tons per day)
  • Chart scope includes proprietary nitrogen cycle process technology, pre-treatment, plate fin heat exchangers, cold box, air cooled heat exchangers, storage tanks and load-out facility
  • Standardized ‘off-the-shelf’ designs built at multiple U.S. Chart manufacturing facilities
  • Maximized shop fabrication, minimized field construction
  • Simple plant operation

Significant Accomplishments:

  • Two truck loading racks that can load two transport trailers simultaneously in less than an hour
  • Complete integrated control system allows for remote monitoring of LNG production, storage and flow on the site
  • Energy efficient turndown and restart capabilities on production, allowing for market flexibility
  • Configured to incorporate second production train for planned future expansion

Location – George West, Texas
Scope of Project:

  • Liquefaction of pipeline gas providing fuel for high-horsepower engines used in the oilfield and in the regional transportation and industrial sectors
  • Strategically located in the Eagle Ford Shale
  • Plant started up in March 2015

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