Cryogenic ISO Containers and Transportable Tanks

Chart's ISO intermodal containers and transportable tanks are used to transport cryogenic bulk liquids worldwide by ship, rail or road.

20' cryogenic ISO container

Solutions for nitrogen, oxygen, LNG, argon, methane, nitrous oxide, ethylene and carbon dioxide. 

Available as 20' or 40' models and built in Chart's facilities in the US, Europe and China. Consequently they can be engineered to meet all applicable international design codes and even dual coded as applicable.

Rugged, durable construction with a highly efficient insulation system for maximum hold times. 

The 20' intermodal containers are typically built to according to EN, ASME/DOT or Chinese design standards. Available maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) options include 10, 18, and 24 bar for European design and 100, 150, 180, 230 psi for ASME/DOT designs.

The 40' intermodal containers are designed and optimized for LNG and suitable for high payloads of ethylene or ethane. Also, typically built to according to EN, ASME/DOT or Chinese design standards, with a MAWP of 10 bar for European design and 100 psi for the ASME/DOT design.

Chart also offers a vacuum-insulated container designed specifically to meet the needs of CO2 producers for transporting liquid CO2 by ship, rail or road. The superior thermal performance of the vacuum and the multi-layer super insulation system allows hold times greater than 45 days at pressure from 250 to 350 psig (17.2 - 24.1 bar) without the use of a refrigeration system.

cryogenic ISO container for carbon dioxide

World-wide after-sales support.

Following the acquisition of VRV Chart's ISO portfolio includes the Ulysses range.

Ulysses cryogenic ISO container

Transportable Tanks (Delivery Units)

transportable tanks

Wide variety of transportable tanks for delivering liquid gases.

Product range caters for liquid gas users of all sizes.

Manufacturing locations in US, Europe and China.

Portfolio includes VRV RBP, HLR®, CRYOTRANS® and CRYOSTOCK® ranges.

Innovative Solutions:

  • VLCD System for the beverage CO2 distributor who is just getting started
  • Liquid Tube Trailer® Mobile Bulk Tank for field pressure testing
  • Nomad Series, offers a versatile and flexible solution for temporary gas applications and small liquid delivery requirements of oxygen, nitrogen or argon
  • Mobile hospital trailer - trailer mounted complete medical oxygen storage and gas delivery system

Nomad transportable unit


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