Repairs & Refurbished Equipment FAQ

Chart has 4 locations in the United States and another one under construction, each fully equipped to carry out fast and comprehensive repairs and complete refurbishments across all makes and models of cryogenic equipment.

Our facilities are located in:

  • New Prague, MN
  • Houston, TX
  • McCarran, NV
  • Brentwood, NH (former Skaff Cryogenics acquired by Chart in 2018)
  • Richburg, SC (under construction and due to open in Q2 2021)

Rely on the same team that engineers and builds the best cryogenic equipment in the business to keep yours operating at peak performance.

Can I store my unit at Chart?
Yes. Each of Chart’s repair facilities has acres of land for temporary storage of our customer’s assets while awaiting repair or shipment after repair.

What would the storage charges be
Chart does not charge for storage of assets awaiting repair. Storage is a free service provided to our current/active customers.

Can you tell me about loading & crane charges with Chart?
Loading and crane charges are included in the cost of the rehab/repair.

What are Chart’s shipping terms?
Unless requested otherwise, FCA at the Chart location where the work is being carried out.  

What about lead times?
Lead times will vary according to the equipment, procedure, and the nature of the repair/refurb requested.

What if we have an emergency? Is Chart staffed and equipped to accommodate us?
Yes, Chart is equipped to deal with emergencies of all kinds whether in house or on site.

Where can I get my delivery unit inspected?
All Chart repair facilities are authorized DOT inspection, repair, maintenance and testing stations.

How many tanks can we have rehabbed in one year?
With five repair facilities across the US, each capable of hundreds of rehabs per year, there is essentially no limitation.

What exactly is covered during a rehab?
Chart will explain the rehab process as well as provide a copy of our standard procedures upon request.  For simplicity, the rehab process will restore your equipment to a ‘like new’ condition.

Can you provide the same services on delivery units?
Yes. Chart has all the same programs available for delivery units from 119 gallon to 11,000 gallon trailers.

Can you test tanks if there is no vacuum?
Yes. Our highly trained technicians have many years of experience in mass spectrometer testing for internal and external leaks and their associated repair processes. We can perform mass spectrometer testing both in house and on site.

Are your welders certified to do code work?
Yes. Chart is ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel code certified to perform repairs and alterations in house and in the field.

Is Chart fully insured? Are certificates of that available?
Yes. Chart is fully insured. Certificates are available upon request.

Who do I call with problems or questions?
Our friendly staff is here to assist you with any questions you may have. In the first instance call us at 1-800-231-8276 and we’ll direct you to the most convenient location for your requirements.

Will Chart work with our company service techs?
Yes. Our professionals are available to compliment your service technicians from stocking and shipping parts to a jobsite, to complete assemblies, to on site assistance.

How far will Chart travel to do repairs or maintenance?
As a global company with a global network, Chart does not have a “set territory”. Chart has performed repairs all over the world. 

We have specifications for the way we need our tanks repaired. Will there be substitutions?
Chart will conform to our customers specifications. In cases where Chart has alternative suggestions, we will fully discuss the available options with our customers and let them make the final selections.

Can we contact other Chart customers for references?
All of us at Chart are very proud of the level of service and workmanship that we put into every vessel. We would be happy to supply a reference list upon request.

What size limitations, if any does Chart have?
There are no specific size limitations.  Chart’s facilities can repair all sizes of cryogenic products, from liquid cylinders to rail cars.   

We’re concerned about costly downtime. Can Chart accommodate us if we need repairs and cannot take the vessel out of service?
Chart is also concerned about your down time. We have fully equipped field service units that are capable of the smallest of repairs to full rehabs that can be done “on site” to eliminate this. Should we have to remove the vessel from service, we can provide a temporary unit for lease until your vessel can be put back into service.

Does Chart have units available for “short term service”
Yes. Rental units are available from our Cryo-Lease division for emergencies, upgrades and other needs for temporary service.

I have an old tank, would Chart purchase that from us or take it in trade?
Yes, please call us at 1-800-231-8276 to discuss options.

Can Chart supply us with bulk storage units?
Yes. We can supply new and re-manufactured units for sale or for lease.

What about cryogenic delivery units?
Yes. Chart can maintain, rehab, build and provide delivery units from 119 gallon horizontal to 11,500 gallon trailers.

What lease options do I have for acquiring a tank from Chart?
Through our Cryo-Lease program we provide a range of lease options that be can be tailored to suit your particular requirements. Our comprehensive inventory includes bulk cryogenic tanks, including specialty Perma-Cyl® and MicroBulk items, DOT and non-DOT trailers, vaporizers, switchers and more.

For up to date inventory and availability of products for lease visit Chart CryoLease

Following a rollover Chart undertook a complete repair and refurbishment of this cryogenic road tanker.

Repair to cryogenic tanker

cryogenic tanker repair

cryogenic tank rollover repair

cryogenic rollover repair

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