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Our business is your business.

From Food & Beverage to Pulp & Paper, we work with commercial brands across a wide variety of industries to ensure product quality and environmental safety while also achieving regulatory compliance.



At ChartWater, we are proud of the company we keep. Our solutions speak for themselves—and so do our end-users.


Campbell's Foods

“Now, our operators spend more time managing the rest of the operations. A lot more precise treatment means less variability in pH; so, we’re at steady-state a lot more and the downstream treatment processes are running better.”

Simmon's Foods

“We are extremely pleased with the results of the two SDOX® systems. Aside from making it easier for us to stay in compliance during cold weather, once fully optimized, the energy savings alone are expected to justify the equipment.”

Campbell's Foods

"Based on numbers I have seen so far, we are effectively spending about 30% per unit of treatment compared to the costs of using sulfuric acid. Even with the recent increase in production volume and treatment demands, we are still saving tens of thousands annually on treatment costs."

Simmon's Foods

“In general, we’re treating more flow with higher loads and better removal rates while seeing lower operating costs. Overall, our BOD and total nitrogen removal have both increased by about 10%."

Army Corps of Engineers

“Despite increasing temperature, the SDOX® provided an ideal habitat for Lake Tenkiller’s trout population, preventing fish kills in Oklahoma’s hot summer months.”


Campbell's Foods Case Study

BlueInGreen's CDOX® and CO2-based system replaced manual chemical dosing of strong-acids, increasing workplace safety while reducing operating costs.


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