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Clean Water For All.

We help municipalities across the country overcome treatment challenges caused by changes in population, weather as well as environmental regulations.


Treatment as a Service

We assess your needs, size, and deliver the solution, optimize and automate the treatment process, and remotely support your staff and operations.


At ChartWater, we are proud of the company we keep. Our solutions speak for themselves—and so do our end-users.


SDOX® Operator | Arkansas

“This is my favorite piece of equipment.”

Arsenic Removal | Ohio

"The success of the AdEdge system at Geneseo Hills has allowed other communities in the area to benefit from having a simple to use, cost-effective arsenic removal system. The system we chose was the right one!"

CDOX® Owner | N. Dakota

“We’re on track to see complete project payback within one year.”

Manganese Removal | NC

"My washing machine isn't stained and doesn't stink anymore!"

HyDOZ Owner® | Arkansas

“We are prepared for the future.”

TDS Removal | Arizona

"AdEdge Project Manager Doug was great to work with. His communication skills are top shelf. Doug was also proactive in solving any problems that came our way. I will recommend AdEdge to others!"

SDOX-CS® Owner | LA

“BlueInGreen’s team of engineers was there to help every step of the way to guarantee our system delivered exactly what we needed.”


Connect With ChartWater

ChartWater India:

BlueInGreen  +1 304 825 5244

AdEdge  +1 678 835 0052

ChartWater India  +91-9717032880, +1-330-805-2615