Cryogenic Rocket Propellant Storage and Delivery Systems

LOX, LH2, and LNG cryogenic rocket propellant systems including storage, vaporization and transfer.

Chart is a trusted supplier of engineered systems and equipment to the aerospace industry. We successfully supply cryogenic rocket propellant storage tanks, vacuum insulated transfer piping, high pressure pumping systems, knock-out drums, deluge systems, and much more!

Chart has been integral in achieving operational success for our customers switching from RP-1 to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) propellant. Chart also provides on-pad storage of liquid oxidizers (LOX) and upper stage liquid propellant (LH2). Chart has designed, manufactured, tested and assembled advanced cryogenic system equipment for more than half a century. Our team works closely with each customer to ensure that systems are designed properly, function at their peak performance, and minimize risk to operators. Built for long-term integrity, Chart system components and product designs provide the highest level of performance at optimal operating costs.

Chart equipment at rocket launch site

Launch Site & Support Equipment

  • Liquid cryogenic propellant storage, LOX, LH2, LNG
  • Engine test run tanks
  • Siphon vessel designs for pumping applications
  • High purity cleaning to KSC-C-123J and IEST-STD-1246E
  • Standards – stringent particulate and non-volatile residue (NVR) levels
  • Liquid conditioning systems including saturation, subcooling and boil-off management through auxiliary liquid nitrogen recondencing systems for zero loss applications
  • Large liquid withdrawal flow rates with designs to mitigate vortexing (gas ingestion into fluid stream)
  • Fast vent systems to support aborted launch scenarios while maintaining safe vessel operating pressures
  • Boil-off free vent systems for liquid storage/stand by conditions
  • Vacuum jacketed withdrawal lines and piping to minimize heat input to propellant during loadings/off loadings
  • Advanced FEA analysis on blast loadings, cyclic loadings (pressure and temperature cycles), and acoustical effects
  • Cryogenic shop function and proof testing with helium post tanking cold leak test capability
  • Helium purge points for subcooled LOX applications
  • Ambient pressure builders designed to support liquid withdrawal rates and interconnecting piping nozzle loadings
  • Close tolerance customer connection points for ease of installation



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