Cannabis and CBD Oil

Chart products are used to increase plant yields, maximize safe, non-toxic extraction of CBD oil, promote longer product shelf life and reduce waste during the packing process.

Science is uncovering the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) oil for providing pain relief and the treatment of a host of illnesses without giving users a 'high'. Chart's CO2 products are increasingly used during the plant growing and extraction phases and our nitrogen dosers prolong product shelf-life and reduce packaging.

carbon dioxide for cannabis growing and cbd oil extraction

CO2 Enrichment

Enrichment of cannabis plants via supplemental carbon dioxide makes them grow around 30% faster, which increases yields and typically enables commercial growers to get another crop from the same floor space.

Chart offers a range of liquid CO2 cylinders for grow houses of all sizes:

  • Carbo-Max® 750 suits small grow operations where typically each Carbo-Max supports 2500 to 3000 ft2 of growing space
  • Perma-Max™ fast fill MicroBulk liquid cylinders hold capacities from 279 to 1435 gallons (1056 to 5434 liters) and generally suit medium sized grow houses
  • For larger operators Chart offers standard 6, 30 and 50 ton bulk cylinders and larger sizes on request. Cylinders are available in horizontal and vertical configurations

liquid carbon dioxide cylinders for cannabis growing and cbd oil extraction

CBD Oil Extraction

Pressurized carbon dioxide provides the capacity to extract dozens of desirable cannabinoids, tepenes, plant waxes and flavanoids from marijuana and hemp plants. Unlike other solvents, carbon dioxide is non-flammable and produces no toxic by-products.

The Perma-Max™ 1400 XHP is especially suited to botanical extraction:

  • Gross volume 171 gallons
  • Gas stoarge capacity 11,826 scf
  • Liquid storage capacity 1352 lbs
  • Normal evaporation rate 0.3%
  • Integrated 6kW Thermax electric pressure building vaporizer

Perma-Max liquid carbon dioxide cylinder for cannabis growing and cbd oil extraction

Nitrogen Dosing

Nitrogen dosing is used in the packing process to reduce the amount of oxygen in the bottle headspace. By reducing oxidization product shelf life is improved. Pressurized nitrogen also improves container rigidity and that means less packaging.

nitrogen dosing reduces waste and extends shelf life

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