Gas Supply Systems for Water and Wastewater Treatment

Chart provides complete equipment gas storage and delivery solutions for oxygen enrichment and pH balancing processes used in the treatment of water and wastewater.



Proven track record of working with end-users, municipalities, water treatment specialists, mechanical and engineering contractors and the gas companies to provide automated turnkey oxygen solutions including consulting, system design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training.

Principal system components, including cryogenic storage tanks, vaporizers, and vacuum insulated piping (VIP), are designed and built in-house and configured as complete tailored solutions incorporating system automation and pressure control stations.

Chart oxygen system for water treatment

Aeration is used in medium and high volume municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment applications where it is key in the activated sludge process. It is a safe and natural process that avoids chemical treatments and instead stimulates naturally occurring micro-organisms to degrade contaminants. 

Using pure oxygen instead of air for aeration significantly increases oxygen mass transfer and saturation, which leads to smaller installations, greater efficiencies and reduced power requirements.

Other processes where a Chart liquid oxygen system yields improved efficiencies and cost reductions include:

  • Ozone Disinfection - uses vaporized liquid oxygen for ozone generation
  • Hypolimnetic Aeration – uses vaporized liquid oxygen to re-introduce oxygen into the water that has been pulled from deep water where oxygen content is lower
  • Supersaturated Dissolved Oxygen – using vaporized liquid oxygen super saturated in water replaces the need for hydrogen peroxide chemicals

Using CO2 for pH balancing improves site safety, minimizes environmental exposure, improves efficiency and reduces costs.

Chart CO2 water treatment plant for pH balancing

Simple and safe, liquid carbon dioxide is stored on-site in a Chart tank before being vaporized into a gas and injected into the water. All principal capital equipment comprising storage tanks, vaporizer and inter-connecting pipework, is engineered and built in-house and supplied as a turn-key package including associated controls and instrumentation.

Chart pioneered the distribution and storage of bulk carbon dioxide as a cost effective and safer alternative to high pressure cylinders and we forged our reputation developing systems for the world’s largest restaurant chains. We've applied the same technology to other applications, including pH balancing at municipal swimming pools, and water treatment plants where carbon dioxide is a safer and more economical solution to sulfuric and other strong acids in pH control.  

Benefits of a Chart CO2 system:

  • Reduces high pH levels quickly
  • Lower capital cost versus equivalent acid system
  • Customized around a facility’s specific requirements
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Proven reliability
  • Full automation eliminates handling of hazardous chemicals
  • Reduced monitoring costs

Compared to sulfuric and other acid/chemical treatments, carbon dioxide:

  • Is non-corrosive to pipes and equipment
  • Is a significantly cheaper commodity
  • Provides significantly reduced risk to the health, safety and well-being of employees
  • Provides significantly reduced risk to the surrounding environment

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